Should governments create a DNA database of all citizens?

  • Science and technology to benefit society.

    Use of a protected DNA database would take this country into the 21 century. However, the "for profit" needs to stay out of the picture and I am not sure how the safety and security would be addressed for this private and critical identifying marker. Many unsolved crimes would be resolved. As far as public health the CDC would be ahead of the curve as to the status of the overall health of the community at large. I realize in the wrong hands this could be abused so it should be under the jurisdiction of the federal gov.

  • It makes sense.

    The only reason I can see for being against this is if you have something to hide, it would be marvelous if the police had the power to check a database of every persons DNA against every crime scene. This goes for fingerprints as well really, if you are against, what do you have to hide?

  • Yes

    If you are not a criminal, then your DNA will never have to be used by a government worker. As long as you are not involved in any activities that would need your DNA then it shouldn't matter. If you are worried about a government worker abusing the database then you have to be hiding something.

  • Of course

    This is a very simple, painless thing to do. If people refuse to give their fingerprints, chances are they have something to hide. Even if they disagree with the morality of it, it still wouldn't do them any harm to have their prints in a system. Everyone's finger and toe prints are recorded when they are first born, which is completely against their will (they have no idea what is happening) so why is it so hard to give them again? Also, why can't the baby-print cards be put into a system right then and there so that they would be available? Could definitely help with identification of missing persons or jane/john does

  • Of course...

    I agree 100% with the anonymous post that said this would result in a drop in unsolved crimes such as rape and doubt.

    I also agree with everybody else that clicked "yes".

    We would definitely have a better chance in solving crimes and putting criminals behind bars.


  • If you have nothing to hide, then you should not mind

    I believe that it is as logical as keeping fingerprints on file. It makes solving crimes easier, finding missing persons easier, is a really good safe check in cases of abducted children. Really, it should be required just like birth certificates and social security numbers, to work, go to school, file taxes, apply for benefits, get a driver license, or vote, or go into the military.

  • Nothing to hide

    Yes, it would help solve crimes. If by chance a innocent DNA matches the DNA at a crime it can easily be confirmed by an alibi. Of course after the DNA is inserted into the computer system the physical DNA collected (saliva, hair etc.) should be destroyed to ensure no DNA plants are made by anyone with access to it.

  • Less time spent finding possible criminals

    It should so that way it would be easier to find out who might have did a crime at a scene rather than the cops trying to find out who didn't like so and so or try to find a whole bunch of people who might know who committed the crime.

  • It would assist in crime solving

    We have too many unresolved cases and this should be paramount to obtaining a drivers license or registering to vote. Stop the serials and solve some major crimes. This is best for all of our people. Many of those against are concerned because they have something to hide. Wake up and lets get the crime rate back to a manageable level.

  • My Honest Opinion

    From my perspective, a DNA database should be established with information from all citizens to improve the safety of society. In my opinion, it shouldn’t replace conventional criminal investigations, but be used to aid in the gathering of suspects for a crime so that the process leading up to interrogation is rapid. I believe that the benefits of using the database outweigh the potential negatives. It may be an invasion of freedom, but saving lives through preventing crime is surely a higher priority. Criminals shouldn’t be able to walk free from a crime without having faced justice; otherwise the integrity and welfare of society will diminish.

  • I do not support the government having a DNA database because

    this rediculose idea clearly opens up all doors for people in court systems to lie and cheet using the government data base. what if somone smoked apon a doobie and there DNA was opon the doobie could the government then check the DNA system to find out who toked apon this doobie.

  • I oppose a DNA database, because it violates a person privacy.

    I oppose the government creating a DNA database because it is a violation of an individual's rights. A DNA database will give the government the authorization to use our DNA however they want to. Delicate information like this could always get in the wrong hands. Also, what other top secret research or experiments would the government be conducting on our DNA?

    Posted by: RaouICyber
  • Ever hear of Hackers?

    NO Way!!! There are s many ways that this could go wrong.Over in Europe they are having a similar debate on if they should delete the database of DNA profiles of innocent non convicted ppl. Wt if some computer wiz breaks through all the fire walls and not only steals your DNA profile but now they can sell it or frame you. At some point even the real locked up samples are at risk because somewhere it is a computer, where and who these belong too and with cloning in the air what happens when someone decides to go take them. I am sure they are not locked tight like a military base they are chilling in some lonley warehouse somewhere.

  • This could go straight down the crapper.

    My personal opinion is that it could have more bad effect then it could good. Imagine this, if the government kept a database of DNA of all the citizens in the United States wouldn't that leave it open for all to see? Employers wouldn't hire you for specific traits you have in your family, you wouldn't be able to get healthcare if you had cancer and needed money for your family to receive when you pass away, they won't have any saved up because you wouldn't have a job to begin with. More or less it's like singling out the people with bad traits, sounds a little familiar to a similar plan composed by someone known as Adolf Hitler, if you ask me. It's not morale. -Taylor

  • Im doing a report on this

    After doing research I have discovered that DNA databases are not safe, too complex, and invade US citizens privacy.

    The danger in a DNA database is that although it helps catch more criminals, it has been scientifically proven that DNA can slowly change over an average humans lifespan. It is close to impossible to replicate ones DNA. If a scientist does it wrong then other innocent people could get convicted for a crime they never committed.

    Having a DNA database would be very complex and would cost the government lots of money. DNA sample contaminations have been well documented. It involves statistical calculations and extremely careful handling to avoid error. Also employers could single out people with specific traits or religious beliefs. That would lower our countries jobs. We have many crimes that have been solved before, why do we need a DNA database to solve it now?

    "It invades our space" said a New York Times reporter. Why are we putting innocent people's DNA in custody of the government? This election season a group of computer whizes watches as groups of people tried to add and subtract votes from both parties. My point is that people will hack into the computer systems and change and/or switch peoples DNA. DNA samples can be sold and used to convict other citizens. Why would we take such a big risk on something we are completely accurate about?

  • No government should create a database without individual approval.

    There is no circumstance that dictates a government should create a database of DNA of citizens, especially without individual consent. The database of DNA serves no purpose other than to invade of yet another privacy, and opens new avenues for abuse of authority by government. The only positive feature of such a database would be applicable in cases of criminals that are habitual sexual predators.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • Government has no business creating a DNA database

    The government should not be tracking every single individual. It is none of their business where citizens go or what they do as long as people don't break the law. The government is only suppose to "provide for the common defense, [and] promote the general welfare..." not trace the steps of every individual. The government already has enough power as it is.

  • An expansion of Tyranny and Slavery

    NO!!!!! It was not that long ago that the same tactic was applied to collect DNA required by law to be taken from only sex offenders. Then violent offenders, then all offenders, despite concerns of invasion of privacy, ect.The Civil Commitment mandates are an example of steps in this direction. Where people may be imprisoned not upon any actual act crime, but upon an " authority's" idea of the likelihood to commit a crime. While it applies only to sex offenders at first because nobody likes them, once the practice is established and the bugs worked out it will be applied to all. The steady progress of tyranny has always been advanced under such pretended goals of safety, security, and fixing problems

  • I oppose the government having a DNA database, because it seems intrusive.

    I think the government having a DNA database of all citizens would be intrusive. I know the government already has a lot of personal information on all citizens, but DNA is usually used to catch criminals. The idea of my DNA being in a database seems like I'd be losing privacy, and that would make me feel like a criminal. I do not think a DNA database is necessary.

    Posted by: BashfulEmil60
  • HELL NO MAN!!!!!!!!! (and woMAN)

    I'm pretty sure we all have DNA and it is a part of us. Now let me ask you this do you have instagram/facebook/twiter/snapchat i know i have at least one of those. Do you post your blood type or your size or maybe your dental records? I know i don't. (because thats weird if you do you need help and should probably not be doing that) its the same with giving people your DNA thats who you are and it is now in the governments disposal or anyones the homes to get their hands on your file.

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