Should governments create stricter trade regulations?

  • Yes, but honestly I am on the fence

    There are issues with free trade, there are jobs that are constantly leaving this country due to the the fact that jobs and goods are less expensive other places. There is also lack of quality controls in different countries that would bring into question the safety of certain items. I think there is certain guidelines that need to be put into play.

  • Yes, governments should create stricter trade regulations.

    I think governments should have stricter regulations. Things need to be more balanced so, all countries are prospering not competing against each other. Free trade may have helped keep our prices down because we could buy an item cheaper made in china, but it also eliminated jobs. Also stricter safety regulations should be created.

  • No

    Free trade is a necessity to continue to promote the well being of the world's economy an good feelings (however naive that may be) between countries as they help each other prosper through their trade agreements. Stricter trade regulations would just put a damper on the whole thing to the point where harsh problems could arise.

  • No, free trade is generally better as long as it is fair.

    In general, free trade is better because restrictions can be inefficient and will start trade wars on occasion, sending prices out of control. However, there may still be occasions when it is wise for a country to impose sanctions or other restrictions on another nation's goods. For example, safety might be compromised or there may be human rights violations.

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