• Without government enforcement, How will things change?

    Unless there is some sort of government law or enforcement in place, Companies and citizens aren't going to take environmental protection seriously. Only when there are serious punishments and restrictions will companies and everyday citizens truly listen and take steps toward making a more sustainable planet for the future generations.

  • Supporting the environment

    Because 95% of scientist that went to school and got a degree say that by the year 2040 the environment will basically be gone. The littering, Smoke, Factories, Etc. Are all the reasons why are economy like it is today. If the government would support the economy maybe by the scientist could be proved wrong and it won't be until later on in life. Year 2080? Maybe so.

  • Why Federal Government Should Do More To Protect The Environment

    I Think The Reason federal government should do more to protect the environment is because the environment is important not just to us humans but also to other living creatures like animals and trees and the environment is dying so I say the federal government should take a stand to save the environment and the people do to so I say let's save the environment.

  • This is government's territory.

    Governments should be responsible for the region that they're controlling. They should be responsible for their territories. If they are not responsible for their territory, then why is governments necessary? What are they for? They are working to give us services, so they should also help us protect the environment, too.

  • Governments should do more to protect the environment.

    Governments should do more to protect the environment. Climate change is a serious matter requiring greater governmental intervention. Ontario is an example where the use of coal has been banned, it appears to be a positive move, however the extent of carbon emissions has increased over the years and lot more needs to be done.

  • The government is ultimately responsible to the people, and the people need the planet.

    The government is the only national organization in each government whose purpose is to make a profit. In fact most governments regularly go into debt. The trouble is that debt comes from military spending, individual and group corruption, and simply bad management. Those are short-term issues. Without a healthy environment the entire world and all the people in it could be effected - by drought, famine, a leaking ozone, loss of trees, etc. etc. Government needs to step up and look into the future.

  • As we learn, we need to respond

    It should be common sense, but politicians and people sometimes prove sadly that it's not. So instead of calling it common sense, I will say that we need to pay attention to what scientists teach us. We can't ignore how the earth is changing. This impacts our ability to live. Even if you're not concerned about other animals on the planet, it's our air and our safety we need to be concerned about too. We are seeing extreme weather patterns. We are not breathing clean air. These are things we cannot just ignore.

  • The environment is our sanctuary

    Although global warming is not unanimously accepted as true, I think most of agree that there are many things that humans are doing that pose risks to the environment. In order for the human race to continue living in harmony with nature on Earth, the governments of the world must step in and place some regulations on pollution and other issues concerning the environment.

  • Why are we debating this. There are more important things than the environment to protect.

    Yes, i will admit that there is a problem with the environment, but the governments of the earth should be working on more important goals than pollution. One of these important things is the constant war and poverty. So in conclusion pollution is a problem, but it is the least important out of all of the others in the world.

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