Should governments encourage their citizens to marry?

  • Encouraging is not forcing.

    The issue is that the government should encourage or not, there is no statement which says the government would force their citizens to marry. As well, to encourage someone their might be some benefits to attract them, for example, paying lesser household taxes or lower tuition fees for the government schools. Marriage can also increase a better benefits for the economics, marriage would increase human supplies.

  • it's ENCOURAGING, not pushing people to marry. Choosing whom to marry is not what governments decide.

    We all believe that government should serve for its people. So when it advocates something, it must be good to its citizens. We say marriage is good in general.
    First of all, incouraging marriage is to encourage education. Marriage is a way to educate adults. By government's encouraging , those who are hesitating in marrying will consider more seriously to settle down. And when people get settled, marriages will teach people to tolerate others, to understand others ,etc.
    marriages can increase our society's stability. when people get married, they will consider more than themselves when they commit a crime , they will think about its effect on his families. By increasing the marriage rate, we are promised a better world.
    Thirdly, marriage will let people have a sense of belonging. they will work harder and better for their "team". So, they have a greater chance to succeed in career. And that's good for both their family and the society.

  • Not worth the paper it's printed on

    It makes me angry to think that I'm missing out on or having to pay towards these tax breaks just because I haven't signed a piece of paper to state officially "in the eyes of some religious entity marketed my salesmen which not every one believes in " to say that me and my partner are happy together etc etc. We're not interested in wasting a deposit on a house on a fancy party to tell the world. We're happy together and don't need to advertise the fact.

    Why they seem to think that having this "contract" changes anything just baffles me. People's feelings ,emotions ,situations and personally can change over time which can lead to break up regardless of saving a few hundred quid a year. If anything it causes more stress any money having to undo it again when things don't work out.

    I can't imagine an environment where two parents who were unhappy would be a better environment for a child. My parents parted ways when I was 5 and there was no issue. They are both with new partners now and both happy and everyone keeps in contact. A much better outcome.

    So no. Stop wasting tax money on something people will or will not do regardless.
    Or like benefit scroungers in unhealthy relationships will just do for the money.

  • No they shouldn't

    Every should have their say on whether they want to get married or not. It's not the government's say or business to interfere in people lives with such a complicated thing as marriage. The gov tries to help people, but this is a matter that should not be helped with.

  • It's a personal decision.

    Two people should only get married if they truly love each other. If governments try to force this on citizens, then there would be more unhappy marriages. Unhappy marriages could lead to domestic violence. This is not good for anyone and will only ultimately lead to citizens revolting against the government. The choice of not only whether you want to get married, but also who you want to get married to is a personal choice and should ultimately be left up to those involved.

  • No: separation of church and state.

    The idea of marriage is typically looked at as a religious aspect and should not be pushed on people for this reason. If the notion of pushing marriage is to fix part of a tax code that benefits couples who do not wed, then the tax code should be changed and not forcing people to marry.

  • Governments should not encourage their citizens to marry.

    No, I do not think that governments should encourage their citizens to marry. I think that the decision to marry should be something that couples agree on for themselves because they love each other, not because their government is telling them to. People can decide this for themselves without government intervention.

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