• Yes, governments should protect individuals.

    Governments, particularly democratic governments, are understood to be the intangible representation of the "will of the people," and they often hold a great deal of authority over the very people who founded and sustain them. It is their foremost responsibility, then, to ensure that all people are granted basic human rights, such as nutrition, shelter, equality, justice, wellness, and happiness.

  • Yes they should.

    I do believe that governments should do whatever they can to spread the word about fundamental human rights. Although it may not always be taken into account in many regions, it is better than staying silent. We can force other regions to think of human rights but staying silent doesn't help either.

  • They need to serve their people.

    Yes, governments should forward fundamental human rights, because to do anything else is to be an oppressive government to its own people. It is important that the government have clear goals about their plans for the citizens, so they develop good policies. Human rights are a good place to start for each government.

  • They Should Be Guarded

    I believe government should forward fundamental human rights. I believe human rights are very important and any upstanding, worthwhile government is going to uphold fundamental human rights before anything else. I believe life is hard enough without having to worry about having fundamentals or worrying about being judged or persecuted for unnecessary reasons.

  • We the people

    Yes, I think that there are certain human rights that we are entitled to, and that all governments should give their people. Here in the United States we have the contitution that makes sure we get all of the basic rights that a person should have once they are a citizen.

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