• A country without a language is a country without soul

    Ceapaim go tá a lán tíortha gan teanga dá gcuid féin, agus tá sé náireach. Deir seanfhocal ó Éirinn, "is tír gan teanga tír gan anam" (as Bearla, "a country without a language is a country without soul"). Riachtanais tíortha teanga féin a choinneáil a chultúr. Dá bhrí sin, ceapaim go ba chóir do rialtais cabhrú bí ag chosaint na teanga i mbaol.

  • Yes, Saving a Language Saves A Culture

    The Irish were nearly deprived of their culture. They were forbidden to wear green, to sing patriotic songs and to gather in certain ways. Everyone had to speak English. Now, a vast majority of the Irish speak English, but the first national language of Ireland is Gaeilge, Irish Gaelic. Similarly Canada, where the majority speaks English, preserves the French tongue. Languages preserve the culture of the people who speak them.They hold the myths, the legends and the old family stories, full of nuances that would be lost in another language. Poetry is famously lost in translation, but so is culture.

  • No, they should not.

    There are thousands of languages throughout the world. If anything, we need to have less languages as the world becomes more free and has more technology. The modern economy would be better off with less language barriers. They should not waste money protecting citiziens and their languages that are of no importance.

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