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  • Freedom Is Important

    I do not think governments should implement a maximum age for giving birth. Any policy that restricts child birth to certain ages would limit a persons human rights to bear children. I believe it is unnecessary to implement such a policy because nature takes care of this problem for us.

  • A max age would hinder civil rights.

    Governments should not implement a maximum age for giving birth. This age is dictated by nature and has its own ways of working itself out. Certain countries have a low birth rate and should be more concerned with finding ways to encourage more women to have kids. A max age would also hinder civil rights.

  • The government should not reulate birth

    The government should not create a maximum age to give birth. That is a personal choice and the government has no business regulate those types of things. The Constitution gives us privacy rights and the government seems increasingly interested in ignoring these rights and regulating what goes on in our homes and bedrooms.

  • No goes against rights

    There should not be a limit on the age a person can give birth. There are a lot of issues with that type of system. One it infringes on basic rights we in America should be enjoying. Two if a person who is too old gets pregnant then you are now doing what? forcing an abortion on them?

  • Not a good idea

    A maximum age for giving birth would not make any sense and is not the government's right to interfere. Children born from older mothers have a higher risk of certain disorders, true, but people giving birth at that age already probably know this, or are at least aware of abortion options.

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