• Governments Implements on Taxes

    I personally think that governments should be implemented a new tax on bankers and banks because of the society. I personally think that governments should implements a new tax on bankers because of the economy as well as the finances that many people worked hard throughout the year to get.

  • Banks and bankers should be taxes.

    Yes, considering how much money bankers and banks make, and with the deficit and debt we are facing, these people and corporations should be taxed more. After all, they are mostly profiting from people who have much less than them. It's only right they pay these sorts of taxes to help grow the economy.

  • Why would they

    No, they should not put a tax on bankers and banks. These businesses and the people that run them already pay their fair share of taxes, so we should not make them pay more. They need to pay the same as the rest of the country, and make it all fair.

  • No, they should not implement a new tax

    Banks have it hard enough right now, I believe a l laissez faire attitude is going to help them get their stuff straight. The last thing we need is another housing crisis or god forbid a huge global disaster because of another bailout. It can be put into effect down the road,but not right now.

  • They already pay enough.

    No, governments should not implement a new tax on bankers and banks, because society cannot survive without bankers and banks. Bankers are not really the greedy, money-grubbing capitalists that the government portrays them to be. If they cannot make a profit, they will go out of business. They have to have enough freedom to do their jobs. They pay enough tax.

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