Should governments implement charges for food waste?

Asked by: Poyerty
  • Food waste is a problem

    In 2050, the world population is estimated to be about 9-10 billion people. How will we feed these people if there is world hunger at only 7 billion? About 1/3 of all food produced is wasted and we already produce MORE THAN WE NEED. Food waste will be limited or at least reduced with government charges.

  • Charges scare people off

    More and more food is wasted in modern society that is very rich in resources. This issue is becoming very serious. Charges for food waste can make citizens more aware of what they do with their food waste, as, well, not many people would pay for rubbish. As a result, people would try to waste less food. Sorry my english is bad.

  • Stop it now

    I think that we need to stop letting the government charging for everything all they do is sit back and do nothing they need to start doing more for the people and not just for themselves and they need to help the homeless "stand up to the government with me."

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