Should governments in rich countries relax the laws controlling immigration?

  • If governments in rich countries allow people from poorer countries to live there, it will give them an opportunity to succeed where previously there was none.

    Rich countries which keep immigrants from moving there are doing nothing to stop the ever-growing chasm between rich and poor people on the earth. We still have third-world countries where people starve to death or die of easily-treatable infections while in higher-developed countries, people have so much excess money that they are able to own multiple vehicles and countless expensive forms of entertainment. When these rich countries keep strict laws on immigration, it means they are boarding up a door to countless people who cannot achieve a better life in their own country.

    Posted by: ChaAni
  • I support this issue because a friendlier environment and mutual sharing of wealth will decrease poverty, which would in turn make the immigration laws obsolete.

    Using strict immigration laws, governments of rich countries are preventing only poor and middle class people from entering their country. These people only want to work and make a better life. Easier immigration would mean better work prospect for them and larger worker pool for rich countries. But the really harmful people like terrorists and criminals are avoiding the legal barriers and still entering the rich countries. If there was a friendlier immigration law then in short run, it would increase security risk, but in the long run, it would ultimately create a peaceful environment.

    Posted by: SocialGalv
  • I think countries should allow poorer citizens of other countries to live in their country because the world is one land.

    Everyone has the right to move to another country and make themselves something they dream of becoming. It would be nice to see many people succeed and accomplish goals they set forth. It is also good to know the world should be for everyone to roam and live in peace and prosperity.

    Posted by: waffletime
  • Rich countries should allow immigrants the same opportunities awarded to themselves.

    Rich countries should give the less fortunate folks a fair chance to exceed in the world. In rich countries, commerce happens on a daily basis where as in a poor country it happens on a much smaller scale. We should embrace those from poorer countries because they often have some of the best ideas as far as business is concerned. Sympathy on these is essential for being a leading force for good in the world.

    Posted by: R3ubHockey
  • Rich countries should relax immigration laws in accordance with their resources.

    Governments in rich countries should relax immigration laws to enable more new citizens into their countries. This should only be done when the host country is able the withstand the economic aspects of such an action, without reducing services to their current citizens. New immigrants provide a much needed labor source for all industrialized countries in the area of unskilled labor.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • No No NO

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  • Immigration must be looked at smartly

    Thinking that a rich country can support more immigrants is a globalist idea, and hurts the idea of sovereignty. Even though some countries, like Mexico, are so decrepit that they are not healing as they should, the USA and other rich countries can promote sanctions to increase trade with poorer countries, thus producing jobs and creating a trickle-down effect of economics in those poor countries.

  • Help born americans

    NO NO NO Americans are becoming homeless and starving the only rich are government and rich people we paid taxes and the immigrants are benefitting where is the shame for the born Americans
    I was attacked by immigrants on my job from africa they said I was beneath them because I was a woman are country is becoming 3rd world and backwards

  • The laws should be more strict regarding immigrants.

    There are too many illegal citizens in the US as it is; letting them in willingly will increase the demand for jobs which this economy, no matter how "rich" we are, cannot provide to others. The people that made the country rich should get to reap the benefits of making that way. It's completely unrealistic to allow others in when we can't even support who we have here.

  • No, governments in rich countries should not relax immigration laws, because their constituents deserve to keep their money.

    Governments in rich countries are accountable to their constituents in democracies and republics, and responsible for protecting their citizens, in all cases. That includes protecting their wealth. It is not the responsibility of rich countries to feed, house and employ immigrants. That should be dealt with by the citizens and governments of poorer nations.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Even rich countries have the right to enjoy what they have earned.

    I used to believe that countries as rich as the United States should allow all immigrants to live here. We have such a rich heritage, based upon multi-culturalism and immigration of many different types of peoples. However, as times become tougher, we have to draw the line somewhere about allowing every person that wishes to live here to live here. Resources are finite, so we must take care of the people that we already have.

    Posted by: SuccinctDerek96
  • Any honest immigrant would like to come to a country and start a new life, without breaking any laws, therefore, the laws controlling immigration prevent those illegal citizens from entering the country through dishonest ways.

    I believe that gaining something is better than being handed it. It gives you more satisfaction. Going through a process to become a lawful citizen gives you a sense of belonging to this new country. It also increases the chances that you will care for it, too.

    Posted by: RuthlessMaria55
  • Governments in wealthy nations should not relax their immigration laws - doing so will simply destabilize those nations.

    Relaxing a nation's immigration policies simply because they are wealthy is a terrible idea, and one likely to result in the destabilization of that nation. After all, if the nation's wealth is spread relatively equally among its citizens then adding a new underclass of citizen immigrants to its number is likely to create a vast number of new social issues. If wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, on the other hand, the addition of immigrants will only exacerbate the problem by increasing the numbers of those on the bottom of the totem pole. Open, unregulated immigration always tends to attract the least-wealthy and least-skilled of other nations, which fosters an underclass in the new "host" nation. There is no logical reason for any nation to desire this, and thus no logical reason for any nation to desire more lax immigration policies.

    Posted by: MammothKris62
  • Laws exist to create order and organization, and immigration laws are no different.

    The reason why people should follow immigration laws is so that they have legal rights and protections in their new homeland. If you want to have the full weight of the law on your side, then you need to be willing to follow it from the outset. If you are not willing to follow immigration laws, so that the country that you are moving to can keep an ordered control over immigration, then you should not move in the first place.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Governments in rich countries should not relax the laws controlling immigration because there are limited resources in all countries.

    Although it would be wonderful to be able to open up the doors and welcome all that want to immigrate into a well developed country, sadly it is not something that could be done. The problem with this is that each country has limited resources. There are limited areas to build homes or grow food. Eventually a country would be so over run with immigrants that it would create issues and problems once these resources would become scarce.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat

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