Should governments install Internet filters to censor websites containing sexual or profane content?

  • I do believe that governments should filter and censor sexually explicit or profane websites, since there is currently very little that prevents children from accessing these sites.

    Because sexually explicit and profane sites are so prolific online, and because most of these sites do little to prevent children from viewing their material, I do believe it is the government's responsibility to apply some censorship to these sites.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Yes, governments should install filters that censor illegal activity that may be of a sexual or profane nature.

    I do not believe in government censorship with respect to matters of free speech, artistic freedom, or even poor taste. However, internet material that breaks laws should be policed. Notably child pornography, prostitution, and other e-commerce related to illegal activities, including drug use, should not be tolerated -- and should be filtered.

    Posted by: baltute
  • Yes, Internet pornography should be censored.

    Children should not be easily exposed to such graphic content; it could cause a rise in early sexual encounters which would lead to a higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases. Children are innocent beings; therefore, their innocence should be embraced for as long as possible. Also, this censorship could lower the amount of rapes that young teenagers commit.

  • People must be stopped from explicit sights!

    The Internet is great for good things but we should not be able to access porn or violence as it breeds sick people! Just look at the sick crimes out there!
    The government must censor this evil tool!
    Please censor this Internet as I song want my child to be targeted by sick perves!


    the internet is demonic! It is full of trash, all types of terrible things detrimental to our children and ruining a generation of people. Their are a few positive things (information) but most is misguided satanic information that ruins the lives of many a people. Censor this TRASH !!! Censor this trash now!!!! Today!!!!!!!!

  • The government can be in peoples business

    The government should install filters so children don't learn anything they shouldn't have. The government can be in peoples personal business because that is their right. The people of America must have internet filters installed so that their children cannot view this material. That is why they should censor out inappropriate websites and photos or anything that is deemed inappropriate.

  • I am torn between this, but Internet pornography is a huge and underrated problem.

    Many people will argue that as it is censorship and a violation of privacy and free speech. However, Internet pornography is a huge problem in this day and age, and very few people care to acknowledge it. Rape, molestation, child pornography, addiction, over-sexualization of women, anti-feminism, wrong views on sex and women, and even murder (a huge percentage of serial killers have extensive porn collections) directly stem from Internet pornography. I would some day like my children to be able to go online without worrying about filth on the net.

    Posted by: I33Horray
  • Stop protecting immorality.

    Don't kid yourselves folks. This is not about your constitutional rights. You just don't want to admit that you are a porn addict. This kind of garbage has no place in a public place. If people started having sex in coffee shops, would that be protected by the constitution? Oh, and yes it is the job of the government to protect the citizens of this country from the poison that is shoved in our faces every day.

  • No, because restricting expression inhibits freedom of thought, reflects hostility to sexuality, and requires subjective, dubious judgments.

    Filters may be improving with technology, but in the past they have censored health information, literature, politics, and other domains of expression that ought to be sacrosanct, even by the standards of most anti-pornography proponents of such laws. The subjectivity on rampant display here, however, is not restricted to the vagaries of technology. Who is authorized to judge what counts as profane and what degree and manner of reference to the basic human topic of sexuality is excessive? More and more speech can easily come to be seen as dangerous once a fearful mindset takes hold among lawmakers, activists, and the public. This line of thought is an invitation to unchecked paranoia. It's surely wiser to teach ourselves and our children the value of health education and media literacy, including skepticism, consciously filtering the material one encounters, discussing it openly, and cultivating humor, curiosity, toughness, and tolerance.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • I believe the government should stop some of the illegal activity that correlates with sexual content, but they do not have the right to stop people's behavior.

    Nothing makes me angrier than the sexual horror that goes on in this country. People are sold as sex slaves daily, and a great amount of this transfer and marketing occurs online. It is sickening how many people view pornography, and how many girls are sold. Anything the government can do to hinder the sex industry ought to be done. However, the government cannot stop people from saying what they want to say, even if they say things that are stupid or offensive.

    Posted by: DizzyCasey
  • No, categorically no.

    No, the government should never install filters to block websites. First of all, in the United States, the Constitution guarantees the right to free speech. This same right is guaranteed in many other first-world and westernized countries. In countries where this right is not guaranteed, and the government has placed blocks on Internet usage, such as China and North Korea, the government is viewed as fascist and dictatorial.

    Posted by: VoicelessEmil67
  • No no no

    There is absolutely no reason that the government should censor our internet. If you are worried about children going to inappropriate websites, that is their parents problem not the governments. If you let the government censor the internet you are giving them almost unlimited power. The world today as we know it runs on the internet and if the government runs that they run your life.

  • Part of life

    No matter what argument comes from a distasteful act, it is always going to be in our minds somewhere. The obvious effect that those inclined are looking for, is to reform all of humanity. To make our minds acceptable for the modern age, it's just another Liberal vs. Conservative argument.

  • Human rights denied

    It is simply a basic human right guaranteed in the united states bill of rights to every citizen. First the government would censor the internet, then it would be what people wear, what they say, what they eat, and who they can talk to. It really is not that difficult to comprehend that even the idea of censorship is ridiculous.

  • We need free speech!

    Free speech is a human right!

    I don't have much to say here, most of it has already been said, but I can say that, as a human, we all have the right to free speech. Censorship of the web is not now nor ever shall be a good idea, people have rights. Another right is that we as people have the right to be in the know about certain things, for example government actions.

  • No, not at all

    No, not at all, in my opinion the internet is a resource for almost anything we can imagine. Although things on the internet are not always appropriate for some users or all users, I think it is important to allow freedom of speech. I do not believe the internet is the issue, just as I have stated in previous post. We must take responsibility for our actions. Just because we see it we must determine what is not appropriate for us and what is. In addition to this the internet not being censored is also help academically and medical. There may be times when you have to research certain things that may require what one may call inappropriate; however this research and information is needed for the good.

  • They will control and monitor our every move.

    The government is already trying to filter the things we post and Google keeps getting requests for them to remove certain content about the government. If they have it censored then they shall control us in that we shall never know the truth of what is really happening. They would be able to monitor us and know who posted what and where from etc. Its not advisable.

  • Internet freedom matters.

    The government should not censor the Internet no matter the content because it infringes upon free speech. Look the great firewall of China - it blocks all the websites that speak against its country and its leaders. Image the United States being like that - censoring everything that is not completely ideal.

  • Internet was made to share information for free, and government blocking them ignores basic reason. Also, deciding whether harmful or not is a highly subjective topic.

    Some website that government think is harmful and inappropriate may not be harmful to most of the citizens and people. Of course, government may think the website that insults or talks about specific government should be blocked, while it is just entertainment or normal website to most of citizens. Internet is basically made to share information for free and easily among most of the people, and blocking/censoring a few websites would be ignoring the basic reason for the Internet to exist.

  • No, this is not a solution to anything.

    This means that mass media will take a step backwards in technology. In comparison with motion pictures, that means censor that also. Do you want a partial content are all that the movie is created for. We have the power to censor our own media. People need to worry about this country getting overextended with gangs and people that do not need to be here which will cause harm to AMERICA.

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