• Governments should institure policy that attempts to counteract the sea level rise.

    Governments should institute policy that attempts to counteract the sea level rise. The rise of the sea level indicates that the polar ice caps are melting. The melting of the polar ice caps is due to climate change which in turn is caused by pollution. Government should strongly regulate pollution and strive to keep the natural environment from being destroyed.

  • Yes, it is a rising issue.

    This issue is rising, literally and physically, and should be made aware to the government immediately. It will continue to grow and affect the coastlines, which will in turn affect tourism and economies across the world. The Earth is changing rapidly, and we have to do something internationally to adapt.

  • Sea level rise is a concern for governments and should be addressed.

    The rising sea levels threatens coastal regions in a number of ways. For places like the US, it threatens real estate and recreational beaches. The loss of this property impacts revenues on cities and towns that rely on high cost housing property taxes or recreational revenue. For smaller countries, the rising level of the seas impact fishing incomes which can be just as important. Countries that do not address the impending sea rise will suffer.

  • governments institute policy

    I personally agree,Climate change adaptation is especially important in developing countries since those countries are predicted to bear the brunt of the effects of climate change.[3] That is, the capacity and potential for humans to adapt (called adaptive capacity) is unevenly distributed across different regions and populations, and developing countries generally have less capacity to adapt (Schneider et al., 2007).

  • It's not a serious problem.

    No, governments should not institute policy attempts that counteract sea level rise, because sea level is not something that humans can control if they want to. Even if sea level rise were something that we could control, there is not a huge problem with rising sea levels, such that governments should intervene.

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