Should governments intervene in human rights crises?

  • Yes, the government should assist in human rights crises.

    The purpose of the government should be to serve the people. So, when there is a human rights issue in society, such as discrimination against women, mistreatment of people of certain races, or lack of child care, the government should step in to make these things right. The people under a certain governing body should have confidence that they will be protected, and their rights will be upheld.

  • Yes, governments should intervene in human rights crises

    Governments should intervene in human rights crises because in those nations, the governments are not effective and justice is not happening. Nations that have more resource should be generous and service justice in those poor countries to maintain order so that the world will be peaceful. Also, they should donate money to those nations for charity.

  • No.

    Some organizations need to figure things out on their own. This is one of those situations. Human rights crises need to be worked out between both parties. If it becomes a physical battle between parties then yes the government may step in, but local police should be able to maintain structure for such events.

  • Intervention isn't always a good thing.

    In order for the government to intervene in human rights crisis, they have the option to remove rights from the common people as a form of equality. This is something that the general public doesn't tend to be fond of either. Having your rights removed from you to support someone elses rights is a human rights crisis in itself.

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