• It's really good and relaxing.

    Whenever you do it, it feels like heaven and it's awesome and it's really, really fun to do all day long, and it's fun, fun, fun. Legalize it now and make the world a better place and make it a peaceful world with no violence where we all just get high and chill.

  • It is our right

    Lets face it. Drugs are not good. But its our bodies that are taking them, not the children, not the elderly. Us. Why the hell should government have any say in what we do with ourselves? Also, interesting tidbit, we are ALL illegal drug users, because or own bodies produce said illegal drugs naturally.

  • Drugs are not toys? Nor is alcohol.

    I'm tired of people sitting there talking about legalizing pot, but not legalizing the other drugs. Do you realize you can lace the weed? It's not as common of course, because meth is a triple-digit drug, and weed is a double-digit, but still. In any case, we legalized alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs that are derivatives of Meth and Heroin. Not to mention prescription drugs are the most abused of them all, seeing how they're the easiest to obtain. Another thing, it's extremely hard to OD on meth, unless you're just plain stupid and ignore dosages. Unlike alcohol. People constantly abuse alcohol because they think it's "Fiiiiine", but thousands of people a year die from alcohol related incidents. How many people die over drug usage?

    By legalizing all drugs, we eliminate a large market that gangs covet, and eliminate this nonsensical "War on Drugs." The one we're losing. I'm just spouting from the top of my head, but didn't we spend 14billion on one year? Uhmmmmm... No thanks. I'll take the tax money we earn from the taxes on drugs, than spending this shit.

    Drugs are not bad. Bad people are bad. Drugs aren't inherently evil. That's so ignorant to say.

    I bet a lot of conservatives own a butt-load of guns and think guns are good. guns kill too. A lot more than drugs do.

    By that logic, drugs should be legalized too, or guns should be made illegal.

    Actually let me revise my suggestion. We legalize MOST drugs, but not all. I do not condone the use of the harder hallucination. PCP, some mushrooms, dimenhydrinate and other similar delirients.

    Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Ecstasy, maybe crack and Heroin. Not so much crack or heroin. Even among the harder drugs heroin is dark and just pure danger.

    I'm not saying we should just be like "HEY GUYS HERE'S SOME METH! BUY IT!!!" No, create laws that allow it's use but prohibit a large amount to be bought and of course have an age limit.

    A world without addicts is a better world?
    So would a world without a lot of things, like organized religion.

  • Its the only way to win the war on drugs!

    Drugs go hand in hand with guns, the money goes to support the criminals. Legalize and tax it. The war on drugs has killed so many people on both sides of the law and continent. At least the money could go tward something more useful like paying off our national debt.

  • Alcohol does more damage to society than any other recreational drug.

    People who consume drugs such as Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms, Cocaine, Heroin and LSD cause very little, if any, harm to society where as people who abuse alcohol cause a lot of damage to society; they get into fights, they have unprotected sex, they damage property, they drive under the influence and abuse their spouses and children; In many parts of Europe, particularly Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, drunk behaviour is either accepted or tolerated where as drug users are thrown in jail and ostracised by society, how does that work?

    I personally do not consume any recreational drugs including alcohol and tobacco (I do consume caffeine but in limited quantities) but I say that all drugs should be legal.

  • They have no right.

    I personally do not see how governments can give themselves the right to say what you can and can't do with your life, we as humans should be able to determine our own paths in life. Also they should NOT treat drug use as a crime and they SHOULD be treating it as a health problem. I do not want to glorify hard drug use but I do think that people should have the right to do what they want in life.

  • Intelligence Officers Prefer A lot of Different Drugs Rather That Marijuana.

    I never saw the day coming to when Marijuana would be legal. It from time to time blows me away how somehow Marijuana can be completely legal in some states yet a lot of very protective, brilliant, smart Superior Intelligence Officers don't prefer it. Instead of having marijuana/weed that is now over in its popularity phase actually now be legal, why not focus on how bad of a wrap we just automatically degrade and give a bad name to other drugs that focused intelligent beautiful positive and plain out "right" people like or even depend on; like a Bayer Aspirin to a Sleeping Pill. Society needs to maybe be aware and taught what products in other drugs are made correctly, good quality, the process of it right to make it made right.....Instead of hearing Legal Marijuana in the U.S.A..... And in other news a man was arrested and his life was ruined for 3 to 10 years from "other bad bad drugs."
    I don't just want to accept that on a daily basis, and can see where it would be a struggled hard not 100 percent professional sounding argument, but why do the most protective and mind blowing brilliant figures such as Law, FBI, and CIA have to even deal with that argument in the first place?? If you prefer something that is better and feels morally better, why make another product legal?

  • If alcohol is legal - drugs should be as well.

    There is proof of all the damage that alcohol does and yet it is still legal. The same should go for drugs. The government could make a ton of money with the taxing of the drugs and it would slow the
    growth of the drug cartels. Which should be a a major concern for all as they have no rules and
    don't care about the US - and will gladly destroy it to continue to get the money and power from it.

  • Seems rude for them not to be.

    Legalizing would make drugs safer because they would be clean and labeled for there strength. The fear of getting drugs make alot of people nervous which I think lead to more drug use and loss of social respect. Additionally when you compare them to alchohol, alot of them are not as dangerous.

  • Illegal Drugs support criminals!

    There is enough evidence to support the notion of decriminalisation of drug taking and supply. The misery that illegal drug supply and the consequent exploitation of people who are addicted by criminal gangs is self evident. I know that politicians fear a public backlash if they support legalisation but perhaps they ought to consider the long term benefit to public health and our economy.

  • I do not believe that governments should legalize all drugs, because some drugs can be lethal, even if used only once.

    While I do believe that the government should legalize natural, non-lethal drugs, like marijuana, I do not believe that they should legalize synthetic drugs that can easily cause brain damage, or even death with one use, like crystal meth and ecstasy. Some of the side effects of these drugs are the result of the drug itself being poison. So, for the government to legalize poison for consumption, it seems pretty counter-intuitive.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • If all drugs were legalized people would do more of them and it would increase the drug problem.

    Legalizing drugs would be a very bad idea. People would abuse them just as they do alcohol and other things. Right now people use drugs but if they had easier access to them it would be so much easier to be an addict and also more accepted by everyone. There would also be many more drug related deaths.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • Governments should not legalize all drugs!

    The legalization of all drugs would dominate this world. I am not saying that the government should be able to control our every move but there are certain laws that, as a majority, people agree with. Curiosity is human nature and most drugs are very addictive. If drugs were legalized there would be many law abiding people who would get addicted. I think we all have known at least one drug addict in our lives. It may not be someone close to us but a friend of a friend etc., so we know what drugs can do. Drugs can make otherwise good people do some very stupid things. Many would quit going to work because they needed to get "their fix". Crime would rule as people would need more and more money to fulfill their growing habit. Sure crime stats would go down on the drug charges but is really worth self destruction?

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • The government should not legalize drugs

    Because do you see a drug addict become a person in a career? NO! So this will just make drug dealers worse. Now they are just like, okay I need to hide this, but if they are legalized they're going to be like okay no one will care. I think none of you people want your kids to grow up and have diseases and die at a young age because of your neighbor smoking drugs. So I think they government should NEVER LEGALIZE DRUGS!

  • It makes no sense!

    Governments should not legalize drugs, if they did the number of abusers (including adults, children and specially teenagers) will rise because people would be able to find drugs easier, in fact every supermarket would sell drugs, they would win A LOT of money, don't you think? On the other hand, crime would not stop if that's what you're thinking. People would commit other type of crimes because of the pleasure they feel when doing this.

  • Drug traffickers won't just stop.

    The people who make a living off of selling drugs aren't suddenly going to go to the straight and narrow if drugs become legal. They are going to find new illegal activities to do. Drug violence won't stop, it will simply become another type of violence and that is a fact.

  • Drugs are for thugs.

    Alcohol was legalized, and is proven to be worse than all illegal drugs put together, because it is so easy to get a hold of. I believe that if we legalize drugs, the number of abusers will rise, the crime rate will rise and the mortality and overdose rate will rise.

  • Drugs are not toys. No drugs at all should be recreational.

    Legalize pot because its natural and no one has died directly from using it. Its the same old song and dance just so an addict can get their drugs without being punished for using them.

    To follow this line of thinking you cannot draw the line and say only some drugs are okay and safe while other are to hard and dangerous.

    Yes pot is a gateway drug, if not for those people who use it and don't use anything else, then as a gateway to allow more down the line.

    Sorry but no go. Zero tolerance is the only acceptable answer. Some people say I have a right to choose what I do to my body. I can use drugs if I want to as long as no one else is hurt then there is no problem. False, if nothing else then the very essence is that YOU are hurting YOURSELF. You have the right to make the right choices and society has the right to make sure certain things are not even a option to choose from. Also if nothing more then you do not have a right to become a burden to the rest of society by choosing to. Some people have no choice but to need help and they deserve our help, but to make yourself need the help of others by choice is abuse to society.

    Do not use drugs and there would be no issues related to them. IF you do drugs then you should seek help and give them up. A world without addicts is a better world then one where we support and aid them in remaining addicts.

  • Drugs cause problems; that's why they have always been illegal.

    It is a known fact that people driving under the influence of drugs,whether it's marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy etc. are the cause of many avoidable accidents causing death, injury, as well as property damage. Why legalize such potentially lethal drugs? This would only make them easier to obtain, use, and cause harm to the user and innocent others.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • No, drugs are addictive.

    People suffering from addictions are unable to function in society. They become a costly burden to all taxpayers. Liberals hope to persuade the populace that everyone does it so why not legalize it. Well guess what, everyone does not. There is a large, building population of responsible Americans who have had it with liberal ideology. This ideology is not practical but it certainly is expensive.

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Anonymous says2013-05-27T22:35:37.277
Why does something that only affects the user have to be outlawed? This is a question I have been asking myself for sometime, and the conclusion I have came to is that the reason must be that these drugs are supposedly harmful. If that is the case why aren't drugs like Alcohol or Nicotine scheduled? They are harmful. Tobacco kills most of its long term users. Now lets look at LSD it is a drug that is very hard to overdose on, and has no long term side effects. Which one should be illegal? I am going to say Tobacco. Regardless it is the users choice, and it only effects them. What is the point in punishing someone for doing something that harms no one else. Are we going to start imprisoning citizens any time they risk harm to themselves? Should riding in an airplane be illegal? Should driving a car be illegal? Statistically speaking those cause more deaths than many of the drugs that are schedule I. The proper way to go about the treatment of drugs is regulation and education. Cocaine can cause addiction, it is a fun substance to use but there are risks to it. Inform the public of the risks. People do have a natural urge to rebel, if you tell someone for years not to do something they are inclined to do it. If you tell them drugs are bad without explaining why, and they start to see that no not all drugs are harmful they aren't going to trust you and are going to feel more inclined to do drugs. Prohibition doesn't stop people from getting access to drugs. Especially not with sites like the silk road. I don't even need to find a dealer anymore I can go online and get any drug I want with almost no risk. In fact if I have the drug mailed to me with the name of the former owner of the house, and use a pgp encryption to place the order there is no risk of getting caught. Even if the drugs get found I can say they weren't mine and the authorities can't prove otherwise. So if I can get drugs without risk why are they illegal? That makes me question the strength of government enforcement. If they can't enforce laws that they are making, then I am not going to be as trusting of them. And if they make substances illegal that aren't harmful in any way I am going to be less trusting of them. You want your people to support the government then don't tell them no when it comes to things like this. Tell them the truth. Not all drugs are bad, even drugs that are safe can be dangerous in high doses. Treat every drug with respect, especially ones you are unfamiliar with. You have the internet, if you do not know what the drug does or the risks in using it look it up. Even if you are only using drugs for recreation there it should be legal, you just have to use them safely. Which by the way goes for any drug even prescription or over the counter drugs. If I take a bunch of DXM I am risking Olney's lesions. DXM is a perfectly legal drug by the way. Education is the key to all drug use.

Oh and let me be clear some drugs I want to be legal for the sole reason that I enjoy them. Why does it matter if that is my reason though? I buy movies for the sole reason of enjoyment. I read books for the sole reason of enjoyment. I eat chocolate for the sole reason of enjoyment. By the way chocolate increases dopamine levels, and a lot of people find it enjoyable for that reason. It can also be addictive, and in large doses is psychoactive to a small degree. So by eating chocolate a lot of people are enjoying a drug reaction. And that is likely why they are taking it. Is it wrong to enjoy chocolate because it causes a drug reaction that you like? No of course not, it is a safe substance that isn't harmful. Who is to say you shouldn't be allowed to eat it because it is psychoactive or because it raises dopamine levels? The same should be said for all drugs.
Anonymous says2013-06-14T16:15:00.107
You don't have to legalize drugs, you have to illegalize drug addicts. Bust all that scum.