• Yes

    More people get away with the use of, selling of, and possession of Marijuana anyway because they try so hard not to get caught. Most law enforcement officials spend too much time worrying about a drug that has very few adverse effects on the body as a whole. Rules similar to those surrounding alcohol should be implemented/kept such as driving under the influence. Selling and taxing marijuana would allow many small businesses such as independently owned convenient/tobacco stores to bring in much more revenue than they did prior to the legalization of cannabis.

  • Emphasis on tax.

    There are so many various arguments on wether it should be legal that I will not even go into that. Others have done so before me time and time again. But I want to underline how good taxin it would be.
    First of all, by making it legal you get rid of the connection users have to drug-dealing criminals. In addition to that growing marijuana is much easier than growing tobacco or even grapes. But because most users were ready to pay a high price for just a few gramms of it the industry lends itself to high taxation with little oposition from consumers. With the inherent risk of producing and selling something illegal gone the producer costs would sink so drastically that marijuana could be sold for half the current price and still be heavily taxed. Add to that the fact that the plant can e used for many more purposes and you have a thriving new market, great benefitting investors, employees and the states budget alike.

  • @Anonymous who's too scared to show their name for a challenge.

    You are what we in the group of people who actually don't smoke marijuana call - blind and ignorant. Have you ever thought: "Gee if you're for marijuana that may not necessarily mean you smoke it?" No. I doubt you have. In fact I doubt you probably get your information from more than 10% of information out there because the other 90% will tell you just how completely wrong you are. You have a right to teach your kids what you wish - they're your kids. But I promise that if you ever build up the guts to challenge me on this topic that you'll easily be disproven. I respect other's beliefs but when you respond ignorantly towards a topic you likely know nothing about I lsoe respect for you. So bring it on if you have your facts straight and we'll see exactly how "terrible" marijuana (which is naturally produced by the way) is for your body and the THC receptors in your brain.

  • Yes, Governments Should Legalize and Tax Marijuana

    Governments should legalize and tax marijuana because there is no evidence to suggest that marijuana is any more harmful than cigarettes or alcohol. A tax on marijuana could be utilized to fund positive programs that might help more citizens to become productive members of society instead of sitting around getting high all day long. And to all the people who would stereotype, NO I have never used marijuana a day in my life.

  • All for it

    If we tax marijuana at similar rates to say things like tobacco and alcohol, large amounts of revinue can be gained by the government. Very fedw negatives have ever been proven, and in my opinion the good most definately outweighs the bad. It is a waste of money to run a sensnsless war against pot.

  • Legalize marijuana for the benefit of the people and the nation

    Yes, marijuana should be legalized and taxed for the benefit of the public.

    Marijuana has always been misunderstood by the general public as a 'hard' or a 'gateway' drug. Comprehensive university studies have debunked this claim; marijuana has very low addictive qualities and has virtually no harmful properties. On the contrary, the positive effects of marijuana as a painkiller and a treatment for glaucoma have been well documented. There is no valid reason adults should be prevented from taking marijuana.

    Furthermore, the benefits from the proceeds of marijuana sales should provide much needed help to our economy. We are currently letting valuable resources go to waste, and spending millions on preventing something which needs no prevention. Marijuana must be legalized, for the benefit of our people and for our nation.


    There is something that is burdening the United States every day. Something that has made the value of money go down. That is the 16,384,284,086,658.75 (AND GROWING!) national debt. I feel that taxation and legalization of something that can bring in such a high profit might lessen the damage that number is doing to us. On the other hand, the bad thing would be that Big Pharma may get their hands on it and make it less potent to where we need to purchase and use more, the same way synthetic pharmaceuticals work. If it were overseen in production but not changed, regulated and taxed, we could see possibly a surplus for the nation instead of a debt one day.

  • It should :)

    The use age of this drug is rapped,there are more people abusing this drug, than people using it for a good reason, and just by looking at the no... They just think people use it for a good reason. PEOPLE ABUSE THIS DRUG EVERYDAY PEOPLE OK OK OK O K

  • Yes we should tax marijuana

    I want to begin by saying, I do not condone the use of marijuana to any of my friends or anyone, but that does not change the fact that people do it and people get put in jail if they get caught, so not only are we as a nation (U.S) wasting tax money, we are wasting possible revenue on marijuana should it be legalized. Now that that's out of the way, should we legalize marijuana, we should have a mildly hefty tax on it and release most misdemeanors in prison at the moment as it would free up a lot of tax money that is going to waste right now that could be used to rebuild infrastructure and roads.

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  • No to Drugs

    Marijuana is a drug. Drugs should not be legal. That is the end of the story. Legalizing a drug is encouraging the use of the drug, that is the last thing we need. Having it prescribed to you is one thing, but the recreational use simply is not needed. Let's find other ways to get some quick cash.

  • Are you kidding me?!?

    Let me guess, you are someone who may benefit from the legalization of Marijuana? Seeing as though the word "we" was used when speaking about the purchase of the drug. By the way, that what this is; an illegal drug. I get really tired of hearing arguments over the use of drugs when the argument clearly consist of potheads who are tyring to protect their own use of the drug. The facts are that this drug, as mild as some may say, does effect your bodys system in many negative ways. Not only does it surpress your brain from creating new brain cells, it also eliminates your ability to judge basic everyday issues with a clear and understanding mind. The topic of driving for instance, is just one argument that is proven to show that smoking weed does cause ones focus to be hazy and less than 100%. The point is that with the exception of now 2 states, weed is illegal and it is illegal for a reason! Ive preached to my children about how to stay away from drugs and the dangers that are associated with the use of ANY type of drug. What do I say now to them? How do I now explain that in some states its not dangerous but in others it is? How about we spend our time taxing things that are legal and quit focusing on the way to legalize things so we can tax them!

  • Causes more arrests

    Sure, go ahead and legalize marijuana. But there is a catch. They will find someway to bust people for using it. The government only wants a slice of the pie by legalizing it. That is all. Don't they tax us enough is other areas? That is all legalizing is for the government to suck more money out of hard working citizens. The government is greedy and will try and tactic to get money from people. They don't know how to budget our money the way it is, so whey should we hand over more tax dollars to them. The government is highly irresponsible with our money already. So you people that want to smoke your marijuana and pay more money in taxes than you go right ahead. Who are the fools in this matter?

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