Should governments mandate that individuals own health insurance or face penalties?

  • Income and sales tax

    Canada has a universal health care system that's paid for through income taxes and sales taxes. All Canadians are covered, and they can see any doctor they want anywhere in the country with no copays or deductibles. They do not deal with deductibles, copays or high premiums. Canada is not better than United States.

  • Yes, it helps everyone.

    You say that the United States is one of the strongest countries in the world. One of the most FREE countries in the world. But on a ranking list of every country in the world we're NOT number one. Right now, we're number 10. (((http://www.Heritage.Org/index/ranking))) It's no coincedence that Australia has universal health care and is 7 rankings higher than us in the chart. Countries with universal, government mandated healthcare are better than countries without universal, government mandated healthcare. It's not like you're being asked to give up your private healthcare insurance, the government runned healthcare system would just be for people who can't afford healthcare if it weren't mandated by the government. Why is that such a bad thing?

  • This mandate is not socialism; this mandate is common sensism.

    This mandate will not only improve the nationwide health outlook of our citizens, but cut costs in the long-term by reducing emergency care costs. I agree with most of my opponents that this nation was founded on a specific set of values, and these values are compatible with a health insurance mandate. They insure that our citizens are healthy, the government remains within its budget constraints, and liberty is still respected and defended. Socialism would be to use someone else's money to pay for another person's health care: this mandate solely states someone must purchase either a privatized or public health care plan, it isn't government-run. THAT would be socialism.

  • Yes, I agree because mandates work for reform.

    The only way to make sure that everyone is insured is to require a mandate. You have to look at states who have tried health care reform without a mandate, and they have all failed. However, states like Massachusetts have a mandate and achieve near universal health care. Also, there are countries like the Netherlands that have mandates and achieve 99% coverage.

  • It is a good way to prevent abuse of the insurance system.

    One of the biggest problems with health care currently is what is known as "pre-existing conditions." An insurance company might refuse to cover an individual who has a history of medical problems. The government could easily outlaw the practice, but, without a mandate, people could take advantage of the situation and only purchase health insurance once they become sick or injured, since the insurance companies can no longer prevent this abuse. The mandate makes sure everyone always has insurance, stopping insurance companies from going bankrupt from a lack of healthy individuals in the risk pool.

  • No! The government is passing too many laws without allowing the people to dictate what laws should be put into place.

    If I choose to burn my candle twice as bright by eating salt and smoking pot excessively without causing dismay to anyone else and I am made aware of potential problems through educational awareness programs, it is my choice. When I get hard arteries, or dementia, or lung cancer, if I chose to pay for insurance and my policy chooses to pay for self inflicted damage, I should be covered. If my policy did not include self inflicted damage I should not be covered. If I chose to not have insurance I should be helped by someone who chooses to help me by their own accord if I choose to accept that help. If no person or group chooses to help me, or I choose to not accept help, I should suffer the consequences of the damage caused by how I lived. If I chose a job where I know I can be exposed to live threatening illnesses I should waive my rights to sue for damages. If I was damaged in a job where I was not informed of risks to my health that were known and / or suppressed I should be able to sue for damages. There are risks involved when unknown chances are taken. This is what it means to be free.

  • Moral Guidance is allowed under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution

    The Greater Goods and Inherited Powers clause. Moral Rationale is allowed to be inherited by the said governing entity because the guiding Constitution allows said action to be done through taxing. If you don't affirm, you ultimately disallow the Constitution. Boom. Also, because we got a Republican to agree with our argument, seriously.

  • It is the only way to take care of all citizens

    In any insurance program, the relatively healthy pay for the health care of the sickly, the premiums go into the pot and of course more money is spent paying out for those who require the most care. What is happening now is that the healthiest are rolling the dice and opting out of health insurance the pot gets smaller, the relative pull of resources remains the same, and costs increase for those who are still in the system. Having everyone contribute reduces costs for everyone. The other option is to stop providing care for those without insurance, whether they couldn't afford it or wrongly thought they wouldn't need it. Paying for the health care costs of those without health insurance is what is driving up the premium costs of those of us who do carry insurance.

  • I believe it is necessary to provide health care for all, and stop wasting expensive resources, even if it involves mandating it.

    The government mandates many things, like taxes and insurance for driving. Why not mandate health care, in order to provide this benefit for all, and make our country the civilized place it should be? It benefits everyone to have the sick cared for, and not have such misery unfolding before our eyes. Plus, it will save the country and government a huge amount of money, when it is fully implemented.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • Yes, because individuals that refuse health insurance cost taxpayers in some form or another millions of dollars a year.

    The government needs to make health care insurance mandatory, as those that refuse it will either not seek medical treatment until it's super costly, or just go to clinics and hospital and not pay their bills. Having said this though, the government needs to help people make it affordable, and perhaps supplement the premium until they are able to afford it own their own.

    Posted by: Ramon Griffith
  • The Government Has Too Much Power Over It's People

    Not at all what our founding father's fought and many died for: Freedom. When it is mandated what our children eat, earn, and drink...that is is not a free country. When we are taxed to death and there are no jobs for the American citizens, when it is mandate to buy healthcare and you are jailed if you do not pay the tax...that is not freedom. When we were free, the people had a say. That is no longer the way. Are we a free nation or communist now? it sure doesn't seem like "We The People" have any say or rights. Where is our freedom to make our own decisions now? In the hands of the government. Also, when I did not have health insurance I went to the doctor and I paid my doctor bill on my own. But when I got older in my mid-twenties I bought health insurance. I grew up and realized I needed it. That was my right. No one paid my bill but me... nothing to the government. That was my business as I am the one who paid my bill. The ones who do not have insurance should pay their way as I did.The government should not tax us to death anymore to pay for those who do not want or can't afford insurance. Too much power in our government.

  • Not everyone needs health insurance.

    This is a democracy. But this could just be the first in a series of steps to where the government takes more and more control of the U.S. citizens. To some, it is not affordable, so why should this be a requirement? Then there's also the point that not everyone needs it. There are a vast amount of people who go through their lives without issues by not having health insurance. It is not a requirement for every citizen to have health insurance.

  • Not everyone needs it.

    I am a vegan-raw person who does not consume products. So by that I mean I am healthy. I ha vent needed to go to the doctor in years. I have no need to pay 400 dollars a month for a family insurance because we will not use it. If I break my leg I will pay for the service, but other than that, my habits and lifestyle is my insurance to be healthy.

  • force me to have insurance i already have?

    I already have health ins. Through my job. Due to the increases in health ins. My job plans to drop their contributions to our plan leaving us employees. This is a 300% or more increase out of my pocket. Looks like un-employment is the life for me i can get free government health ins. WOW!!

  • Governments should not mandate that individuals own healthier insurance or face penalties.

    With the cost of health insurance being what it is today there are many people who cannot afford it. If the government was to impose fines on people without health insurance those who cannot afford it would be even further behind in debt. The most people you hear about without health insurance are not eligible for government assistance with health care. I guess I just don't understand what business the government has in mandating coverage when those without it are not costing the government anything anyway.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • Governments should not mandate that individuals own health insurance or face penalties because that steps outside their authority.

    Governments should not mandate that individuals own health insurance or face penalties because that steps outside their authority. People shouldn't be taxed for not doing something that is just part of being alive. If universal care is available and a person chooses to not be insured, then they should not get the free treatment that can be available now at hospitals and should be required to pay off all that they can't pay for initially.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • An individual's health is their business and should not be mandated in any way by a government as long as their health is not negatively impacting others.

    The government does not have the right to force a citizen to participate in capitalism by mandating that individuals own health insurance or face penalties for not doing so. Furthermore, many individuals have differing beliefs on what constitutes health care, for example some people choose to take no medicine at all, or to only treat illness psychologically or by methods not covered by health insurance such as the use of herbs or meditation.

    Posted by: Wynn354
  • In the United States of America, people are supposed to have freedom of choice.

    The government already takes control of more situations then they really should be. At the same time, they don't devote enough time and effort in areas which are highly in need of governmental supervision. With that being said, I do not feel that the government should force anyone to have to own health insurance. In the end, if the person doesn't have it, it is their fault. They will have to pay bills out of pocket, therefore putting more money into the economy, and less money having to be paid by insurance companies...I don't see how this is a bad thing.

    Posted by: LeticiaR
  • People should not be required to own health insurance; it is a personal choice.

    If someone doesn't want to own health insurance then they shouldn't be required too. Some people are just naturally healthy and rarely get sick, while others just don't like hospitals and prefer to treat their ailments with over the counter medicines and old fashioned methods like rest. Forcing these types of people to own health insurance just takes money out of their pocket for no good reason. The only way to justifiably have everyone "own" health insurance is by providing universal health care.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • The government not only should not do this, I do not believe they can.

    This is an obvious hot button issue right now. Not only should the government not do this, but I do not see how they could. Do you like a micro managing boss? Most likely no, and that is exactly what this is. Most working people have health coverage provided by employers, purchased themselves, or that is already provided by the government (medicare/medicaid).

    Posted by: 5h035Bow

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