Should governments prioritize spending on the exploration of space?

  • I think that space exploration is a waste of time and money

    People are such idiots to think that they can just go and disturb the other aliens out there. Those poor aliens deserve to be left alone and make their own way in the universe. As a Scientologist I know that that the origin of us were well influenced by aliens and it hasn't been a good outcome for us with our global warming from the technologies they have provided us with such as cars. In effect it's like disturbing the regular patterns of an animal, it goes the same for the aliens. Space should remain unexplored and virgin.

  • Its the only way to ensure survival

    Spending money on space is the only way out of the pithole that we currently inhabit. Spending money on Nasa not only brings about actual High Paying jobs to Engineers and Scientists. But also it is our future, This race will not last another thousands years in this planet. Sure you might be asking and why do we care we all be dead anyway. Because I am not selfish hypocritical bastard. I am studying Engineering to advance the race not to advance my pockets (even though that will be accepted)

    If Russia built a space station, If America landed 6 times on the moon, and landed 12 men, China plans a Space Station, Japan a Lunar Base. Imagine the magnificience megalith structure we are capable together, if we have a world space program.

    I see the main excuse for not spending is the usual boring played out "hunger", "disease", "homeless"
    People snap out of it, its called Natural Selection, the strong kills the weak in all areas of existence, plus as long as there is man there will be hunger and disease, we all coexist together in this wrecked Universe. Utopias do not exist. Like Reagan once said "We fought a war against povertyy and poverty won" no matter how much money we spend on feeding the hungry there will always be more hunger, its our destiny that will follow everywhere, even outside Earth.

  • Yes, I think the exploration of space is very important.

    Not only does the exploration of space lead to important discoveries and inventions, it also makes the country feel better about itself. I remember being a small child at the time that men walked on the moon. Even at such a young age, I was proud of our country. It seems like in the decades since we have not done nearly enough to advance space exploration. We should be trying to send a manned mission to Mars in the near future.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • Sending people into space

    Exploiting the vast untapped resources of only our own solar system would go a long way toward solving our energy problem, which is a large contributor toward economic and political problems. Research into renewable sources of fuel for propulsion on long space flights will have applications on earth as well. Development of space technologies and new energy sources for use on earth go hand in hand. Overpopulation will soon become a serious problem in places other than China and India, driving civilization toward extreme situations (famine, pestilence, war, etc.) not to mention destroying ecosystems. We must look at a long range strategy for the survival of the human species, which should include colonization of space. Pushing toward a solution for interstellar travel and exploration of earth-like planets could also yield biological breakthroughs for humanity, medicine and nano-technology, as well as advances in computer technology, robotics and artificial intelligence. Space exploration drives all these fields, in my eyes there is nothing more important for a government to spend money on. I want to see some politicians with the forethought and imagination to understand this. For the good of all human kind, in fact all life on earth and the earth itself, we need to push ahead in this area. Or else go back to pre-industrial times and abandon modern life as we know it. Staying the course we are on will lead only to ruin.

  • Population and cost

    At some point within the next years the worlds population will be so much that the people in the world will not be able to handle the number of people that we will have. We also need to find exterior resources that are out of our atmosphere. The we have places that we could go as well such as mars that is of very compatible size to ours and if we start to work we could live there in the next few years

  • A fundamental foundation for growth

    The science of today is what will allow the technological advancements of tomorrow. Since the industrial revolution technological change has accounted for 87,5% of all economic growth (Robert M. Solow 1957). In order for science to progress, frontiers must be pushed. Space offers a frontier in nearly every science and STEM discipline. By exploring other worlds we also safeguard this one. The exploration of Venus and Mars have made us aware of the consequences of global warming and climate change. Space is also a necessity for global protection from asteroids, which actually pose a real threat to human lives.

  • Look how far we have gotten

    Look how far we have gotten in 50 years. How far can we get in another 50 years? Also what if there is another species out in space that could threaten the human race? What if there is oil and fuel on the moon and other planets? There are unlimited possibilities and we don't know about any of them. I think spending more money will be good for the economy.

  • This is America.

    We are supposed to be the most powerful country in the world. We helped to start this space race, why should we stop now when we in unarguably the era of technological advancement. I mean look, just recently the navy has made a working laser cannon. Our limits are endless why shouldn't we explore and evolve when things on earth are bound, one day, to go into chaos. Why should we not put every effort into finding a way out, into finding a better place to be or a better place to spread to.

  • I love space exploration.

    The idea of allocating more money on space exploration and its research is highly supported by its proponents based on its possible outcomes like understanding space and the universe, new inventions in science and finding an alternative planet to live on. Hence, many governments expect to gain interest and cooperation among others in order to carry out this research for a better future.

  • Humanity's future is paramount.

    There are plenty of reasons I support a great deal more spending on space exploration. We can learn a great deal about Earth's environment via what happened on Mars and Venus. There are huge amounts of resources in the solar system, we need not "keep our eggs in one basket" to ensure the continuance of our existence. We need to colonize the next frontier as it is our inevitable future and it is also a very constructive outcome of spending, and it supports our very curious and intelligent nature.

  • 3rd world countries

    I think that a small amount of money can be spent on the Space programs but our world is faced with more serious problems such as 3rd world countries. we can use the money to help the population of a country and provide the homless with shelter and the hungry with food

  • What is the use of that to give emphasis to it first

    We are living in a planet called Earth it has existed over 40 million years and it will be also exist but the thing is it is not giving a lot of improvements in a human life yup but satellite is very useful rather than the making life on mars its ridiculous God gave us a planet Earth to live hear so why cant we put our intelligence and expenditure on our planet itself to make a better place to live. An annual expenditure on space technology can vanish the viral diseases in our world by working on it by giving more expenditure on it. Lets first for our humanity and then the others. Why are we trying to make life in Mars why cant we save our world from being destroyed cant we do that. So lets please make our own proper world to live and then go on to the space

  • Vast

    is the amount of the land still to be explored, and yet we are hasty to jump to the next big thing: SPACE TRAVEL. Space travel is sure to be a definite and important step in our near future. But as of now we should aim in exploring the unexplored lands of the earth. Lots of the rainforest is left dwelling in darkness while we are looking away at the so called "BIGGER PICTURE". Who knows, there might be cure to blindness and even cancer. We are already facing issues on earth like poverty, hunger and increased death rates.

  • No, its not useful.

    Why would you want to spend all that money to go to space, when our economy is bad. Honestly, we are low on money and you would spend money to go explore a place 99.99% of people will never go in their lifetime. The money could be spent towards other things to help improve the economy, maybe even the nation.

  • Home before uhhh...Space?

    Fine. Just ignore the poverty and environment problem and spend money on something nobody even knows. Sounds stupid to me. Us humans depend on Earth for everything and Earth really has given us everything we need (extra fuel is not a need). Now that Earth is in trouble just abandon it and try to find another home? Stupid for many reasons. Nobody even knows for sure how space works and what it even is! We could do all that studying after we feed the hungry children. With the money used for mars exploration, we could have built solar panels which would have actually SAVED us money. So just keep in mind all you space science people, Earth is our home no matter what. If you want to keep the home trashed, then fine. But you're not going to find anywhere else like home...

  • Waste of money, Bad priority

    I see many others have said this, but I just want to add my voice to the throng. It makes the USA seem very arrogant and selfish, especially to other countries. Some countries are in very bad shape, food-wise and the death rate can be very low. It is sad and depressing that the government is prioritizing space exploration over colledge assistance, hunger, natrual disasters, or medicine.

  • You must clean up your room before you can go out and play.

    This is what every good mother tells her children as a first step towards teaching them self control and personal responsibility. While real space exploration with expendable robots is valuable, just like exploring the ocean and the subsurface is the manned colonization of space, it requires skills we don't yet have. Population and social management, peaceful cooperative activity in stressful conditions and, above all, stewardship of an entire ecosystem to maintain its healthy stability; these are what is most important. When we've learned these skills, we then may be ready to tackle the challenges of space colonization. You can't reach for the stars while the earth rots away under your feet.

  • America shouldn't be spending money for space exploration

    Because of what is happening with North Korea. We need to save as much money as possible. Plus, humans will not be reaching Mars anytime soon. So, unless America just wants to keep taking pictures of dead rocks with their rovers, there is no good reason for extra space exploration.

  • Better Priorities

    Looking at the cost and probability of a successful outcome, it is clear that there is no point. This world is at a state where we can do two things: work to protect it or find a new inhabitable planet. As the future of this planet, I say that we need to secure our future first then make advancements later. Otherwise, this planet will die along with all of its inhabitants. Then when we're all dead, we can look back and say, "Gee, maybe we should have tries to save our planet."

  • The worst thing!

    The government can fund a space program but not people that are starving, cant find a job or who are even homeless. Everyone will be happy if the government tries spending money in the way that all people want... I would like it if the government spent their money in a good way. How about you?

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