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  • No, they should not stop all benefits!

    Before I was seriously injured on the job, I would have a different opinion. You do not know what the circumstances are in that person's life. I am going to school because I can no longer due the line of work that I was doing before I was injured. I believe if a person is really trying and can prove it, then that person deserves benefits!

  • The government should continue to help the low income people.

    I don't consider it a handout, but a help out, at least for most people. I know there are those whom exploit the welfare system, but most truly need help. I do believe the government should be trying to help educate these people so they can get jobs and come off welfare. I also believe, after the education as been completed, there should be an 18 month cap put on all welfare.

  • No, I sure hope not.

    That would be disastrous, not only for me, but for everyone who has been hit by unfortunate circumstances. In the Bible it talks of socialistic ideals, and we are a social-democracy, and to remove the social portion of that would be to completely succumb to Darwinian survival of the fittest, Ayn Randist, mentalities. I cannot accept that, and never will.

  • No, one of a government's main duties is to safeguard the welfare of its constituents.

    Of course there should be more stringent guidelines attached to benefits and we should do everything we can to minimize people receiving benefits so the government is not supporting lazy individuals, but stopping benefits altogether would lead to all those genuinely struggling becoming homeless or worse. It's also important to distinguish between benefits like welfare and "earned" benefits, like Social Security and Medicare, in which individuals have worked their entire lives before receiving their hard earned benefits.

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