• Yes, the government should subsidise Biofuels.

    Why? Well, they are by far cheaper than fossil fuels, and could spark the end of poverty. The needy wouldn't need to buy fossil fuels to heat their homes, for example, if biofuels were widely available. Also, they are renewable fuels, and therefore slow down the deterioration of our World. In essence, by using biofuels, we can not only end poverty, but do what's best for our home. Using biofuels could ensure that two of our major crises cease too exist. Surely its not too much to ask?

  • Yeah government should subsidize biofuels

    We are way too dependent as a nation on foreign oil, at a high cost to the consumer. By subsidizing biofuels, we can get off that dependence, and lower the costs of fuel to us at the same time. There has to be other, cheaper fuel sources out there, there just has to be. Oil should not be the only one we rely on. So yes I do think government should subsidize biofuels.

  • Yes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil is a good thing

    I believe that governments should subsidize biofuels in order to promote finding alternative forms of energy that can help reduce the world's dependence on oil and gasoline. Subsidizing biofuels would promote more scientists and companies to invest in alternative energy, which will help reduce climate change and provide energy for the future.

  • The government should not subsidize biofuels

    Biofuels, as stated in previous arguments, are less efficient as currently existing petroleum products. The U.S. already has enough oil to support itself, but the government does not want to take advantage of the oil reserves that we already have. Biofuels also require massive amounts of land to be cultivated and are said to drive up the prices of food, something we don't need as we begin to come out of this recession. By switching over corn from a product used for feeding people to fuel production, we are doing a disservice to those who need to eat.

  • Government should not subsidize biofuels

    Biofuels are ineffective and will not be profitably until they become more efficient. Furthermore, government subsidies always distort the free market, and if the product was any good, it wouldn't require subsidization. By subsidizing a less than perfect product we negatively effect the private businesses that actually produce top notch products in that field.

  • All Government Subsidies for Industries Should End

    The federal government subsidizes certain industries to try to give them a competitive edge. Big oil, farmers, green energy and medical fields all get taxpayer funding for various ventures. If the government won't subsidize everyone, Congress shouldn't subsidize anything. It's a free market and taxpayers shouldn't fund any competitive enterprise. Subsidies amount to socialism, not capitalism.

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