Should governments treat North Korea more harshly because of its rhetoric?

  • North Korea deserves scorn.

    It's not just because of the rhetoric that North Korea should be treated with scorn by other governments, but because of the atrocities committed currently by Kim Jong Un against his own people. He kills them, he threatens them, and they all live in fear and are malnourished amost to a person.

  • Governments should treat North Korea more harshly because of its rhetoric

    Governments should treat North Korea more harshly because of its rhetoric. Doing so will put more pressure and strain on North Korea and will possibly force it to abandon its Nuclear ambitions and regime. Over the years that have passed, more and more governments have stopped aiding North Korea and have even placed pressure on it to stop it leaders from killing more people.

  • North korea needs hard sanctions

    North Korea is struggling to maintain any sort of relevance and friendship in today's world. They are a strong communist country that has done little to progress and change in order to create a better atmosphere for their people. Sanctions will continue to put more pressure on North Korea in the future.

  • not at all

    No, we should not treat North Korea more harshly, even if they are aggressive towards us sometimes. If you are more harsh to them, then it will just cause more trouble between us, and probably will end up in them coming and attacking us, which we really do not need.

  • No, the tone of their rhetoric is much the same as other industrial nations

    North Korea should not be treated more harshly by governments because of their rhetoric. All industrial nations like the US, Russia, Israe,l and others use violent and harsh rhetoric. For example, Israel frequently threatens, and actually carries out extreme, acts of harsh rhetoric against the Palestinians. The US often uses harsh rhetoric when dealing with Iran. Harsh rhetoric is a tool commonly used by many states.

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