Should governments use open source software: Does open-source produce superior software to closed-source?

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  • No, Using Open Source Software Can Be Unsafe

    Open source software is computer code that anyone can see. Everyone
    can contribute to its growth and evolution, and so open source software can meet
    new goals faster than software that is not freely shared. However, governments,
    corporations, and users can have security needs that open source software does
    not serve. Software that can be changed is software that can be diverted from
    its original use. That is why governments generally do not use it.

  • OSS is not superior.

    I think that this is unfortunate, but the current case is that open source is not superior to proprietary software... yet. There are exceptions, of course, such as Firefox, but for the most part I think that the government should keep using supported software rather than relying on something that could go unsupported at any time.

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