Should Governor Nikki Haley take down the Confederate flag that is near her South Carolina office?

  • Why fly a flag that represents an armed insurrection against the great nation we live in today.

    Why fly a flag that represents the other side of the civil war, the side that lost and the side that stood against the great country we live in today. Given I am not pleased with some of our elected officials in both executive and legislative branches but still I am proud to call myself an American because we stand for liberty, freedom, and happiness. This flag doesn't stand for any of that; what angers me the most is when people scream "ITS A SIGN OF SOUTHERN HERITAGE!" well if you want to celebrate the south by all means eat fried chicken, drink sweet tea, and be proud about the state you live in. It would be like someone flying the nazi flag because of their German heritage; I could only imagine how long that would last in the United States.

  • Take it down

    It's is unbelievable that anyone would support the confederate flag. It is representative of the south during the civil war and the only reason for the confederate states to wage war was to keep slavery. The civil war was an act of treason against the United States. The south lost. Get over it. Take it down!

  • Why Not ?

    I'm from the south and it offends me. Even though it might not be I've always seen it as being a sign of racist. Then again, I'm not that educated in history and know the true meaning behind it. I'm only saying what I think when I see it displayed someplace.

  • Take down our American Swastika!

    1. The Confederate Flag is clearly a symbol around the world of racial subjugation.
    2. The Confederate Flag is anti-American - clearly a symbol of Treason.
    3. The Confederate Flag is representative of domestic terrorism - proudly supported by the KKK and other racists who foment fear, death, and destruction.

  • Yes, it should be taken down.

    The confederate flag only signifies one thing. Slavery. Slavery and the pursuit during the Civil War to preserve slavery. People in Germany don't believe that they have to maintain the swastika as part of their heritage. On the contrary, they banned it. They realize that it was a dark moment in their history and they moved on.

  • Are you the governor of

    a state in the United States or the Confederacy?

  • I think Governor Nikki Haley should remove the Confederate flag near her office because having it there is pandering and insensitive.

    The Confederate flag was a symbol of a country that no longer exists and of a time that was brutal and devastating for the United States. To continue to fly this flag in a public governmental office is in poor taste and shows a certain lack of maturity, in my opinion. Private ownership of the flag is one thing, but Nikki Haley is the governor of all the people of her state.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • I agree that Governor Nikki Haley should take down the Confederate flag near her office, because we are no longer a nation divided.

    Nikki Haley is not representing her country well by having the Confederate flag near her South Carolina office. This country is no longer divided into North and South, and she is living in the past by hanging that thing up. It is disloyal to our country and she should be forced to take it down.

    Posted by: AnnoyedDong77
  • What's the point in arguing over something that the NAACP and confederate flag supporters had a compromised about in 2000. There are more important situations.

    Just my opinion the state has the right to do so and its already been resolved in 2000. When it was taken off the top of the dome of the state house. It's in the constitution It's the states free speech and honoring the dead confederates. You don't have to agree

  • Its on a monument

    This summer i went down to Columbia and right near the flag is a Confederate Monument honouring veterans of the Confederacy, since 2000 the flag was flying on top of the dome. If we want to remove that flag go down to Gettysburg and remove all the flags on monuments. Its a big part of South Carolina's History and will stay there forever!

  • It's part of the South's history

    There is a statue of General Sherman in Central Park in New York City. No one is asking to have that taken down, although it frankly bears not much relevance anymore today, it's history. So why not let the people down South fly that flag. I find it is pretty.

  • Not at all, she should move it back to the top of the capitol building.

    It takes a position of uneducated ignorance to think the confederate flag is racist. Lots of dumb white men used the flag as a rallying point after the war while committing racist acts. The reality is that Lincoln created a grossly overpowerful federal government and raped the constitution and at one time in our history, men had the guts to stand up to a tyrant and protect this country's honor... Unfortunately, they lost. You have Lincoln's Whig politics to thank for earned income tax, obamacare, foreign aid, section 8 and lots of other things that are none of the feds damn business. Pick up some primary sources, study the "American System" and Whig politics and you'll agree, THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT.

  • Google the 1st ammendment

    Freedom of speech extends even to stupid opinions.

  • I think the meaning of the Confederate flag has been unfairly generalized as a sign of racism when, in fact, it has a much more complicated cultural significance to southern states and, for that reason, I believe Governor Haley has a right to fly the flag

    So long as the citizens of South Carolina still support the flying of the flag, I believe that the state should still be allowed to fly the Confederate flag as a show of deeper cultural beliefs, so long as the United States flag and official state flag are also represented.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • No

    Whitewashing history isn't a good strategy to begin with, and the battle flag of the confederacy is one of the few tangible links left to a very important, for better or worse, part of southern regional history. There are plenty of families in the south who had relatives who fought and died in the name of the uprising and they maintain this pride. Completely independent of the connotations of racial injustice and slavery.

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