• They only lead to competiton

    I am a high school junior right now. GPAs stress me out because everyday I wake up, go to school, and go to bed in fear that I am going to get a bad grade on my assignment or test. They create unnecessary burdens and are only a measurement of how well students do under pressure.

  • GPAs should be eliminated

    Schools have grades but they shouldn't save them for college. People lean in different ways. Some learn by watching videos and some learn by doing it off of paper or book. Other people learn from hearing. Grades are not that important they shouldn't be judged by grade they should by judged by how they act.

  • GPAs don't reflect knowledge

    I am a high school senior at the moment and I enjoy learning new things and becoming a smarter person. Yet the way we are taught is by negative reinforcement. Many students only try because they are afraid to fail. Once failure happens we are discouraged. For example, I have an anatomy and physiology class that I am in enrolled in for the next 8 weeks. I am learning a lot of new things, but I have a D. This low grade makes me look stupid as if I am not learning. I am learning everything that is taught but my grade does not reflect that. Because of this my GPA falls, I feel stupid and am less interested in anatomy and physiology.

  • GPAs in schools should be eliminated

    GPAs in elementary and secondary schools should be eliminated. GPAs should be for colleges and universities, only, where competition for employment matters the most. Kids need to be encouraged by pass/fail in schools, with higher standards for passing. Guidance counsellors and parents need to play a big part in encouraging kids to learn and tlayinhrive. This will create much less pressure on students, who will see their work as personal achievements, not as competitive wins.

  • GPA is outdated and varies in difficulty based on school.

    GPA's do not have the effect they once did on student selection for college. They are not a main factor that concern colleges anymore. Also schools vary in difficulty so two students at different schools could be applying similar effort, but the student at the easier high school would receive a better GPA.

  • They don't reflect intelligence or will to learn

    I am a high school freshman. I just got my first report card. I always, ALWAYS made honors. I didn't this time because, although most of my grades were high B's and A's, because of one C my GPA was pulled down, keeping me from honors. That one grade does not represent my intelligence or will to learn, and the fact that colleges look at a GPA when there are obviously flaws like that, then it is pointless. Simply pointless.

  • GPA tries to measure too many things to be valuable.

    Since High Schools require time to be spent doing work outside of school, this makes things such as free time an issue, as well as punishing a student who knows all the material already by making them spend precious time doing work that will give absolutely no benefit to time.

  • No, gpas helped measure success.

    GPA should not be removed especially in high school. High school students are old enough to be held accountable for their actions and GPA is how they are measured in school. To remove it would be to baby high schoolers too much. They have to learn they have to work for what they want.

  • There is no solid reason to

    There is no legitimate reason to remove. It is an indicator of academic progress, not how much a student has learned. It is an overall report of how a student is doing in all of their classes. It shows overall proficiency as opposed to a class-by-class report. The only reason I can see that people would want to remove it is to make kids with bad grades feel better.

  • It's important

    Having a GPA is an important part of getting yourself into college. Without it, people would be able to get into any school they wanted. Every body would be able to get into whatever school they wanted and it wouldn't be fair to those that worked harder than others.

  • GPA is a Good Indicator

    No, GPA should not be removed from schools. I believe GPA is a good indicator of academic progress and proficiency. It provides a quick, at a glance meter and rubric of how well a student is doing in their various studies. Many colleges and universities still use this system and to stop enforcing it would cause needless paperwork, time, and money.

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