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  • She should not

    Her routine was excellent and yes, she was part of a team effort, so it was not completely her fault, but the opponent's routine was better - even if she fell. She did fall, true, but her routine was harder, and Gracie Gold should have taken these things into consideration

  • Gracie Gold should not have won the Gold medal.

    Gracie Gold should not have won the Gold medal. Gracie is in the ladies free skate of the team figure skating competition. She is very good at what she does but even she says that no one from the United States has ever won the gold. Gracie Gold shines in Olympic debut but still gets overshadowed by Julia Lipnitskaia.

  • The Russian was honestly better.

    No, Gracie Gold should not have won the gold medal, because she was beat fair and square. As wonderful as Gracie Gold was, the 15 year old Russian was better. Gracie Gold is very deserving of second place, and she should be proud of her accomplishments. Gold was just not as elegant as the Russian girl. It was a fairly judged competition.

  • Individual Event Starts Wednesday

    Gracie Gold should win a gold medal for the individual skating event that starts Wednesday in Sochi. Gracie Gold's best international performance of her career was good enough to earn her team a bronze medal in the new team figure skating competition. If that skate is any indication, the rest of the world will have a tough time beating the young lady.

  • If you're talking about the team event, it wouldn't have been possible

    Gracie Gold skate a great program in the team event and received a personal best score. Julia Lipnitskaia also skated a great program. Without going into technical scoring details, both women skated very well. Even if Gracie Gold had a high point total for her program, she wouldn't have won a gold in the team event since the US couldn't make up enough points to beat Russia and Canada.

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