Should grades be used as a system-wide indicator of success?

  • Grades Should be used as a system-wide indicator of success

    This could make students happy and boost their self esteem making them want to get better grades each quarter of the school year so their good grades should make them want to get more better and or good grades I would want to be rewarded for my good grades wouldn't you

  • I don't think so

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  • Grades should not be the indicator of success.

    Grades don't show success at all. They either make the grading system so that you fail the class if you mess up ONCE or they make it so easy that all you have to do is turn in a box of markers to get an A. It also brings down the esteem of a child for no good reason, all because of some random person's OPINION on how well you did or did not do on something. For example: art. Why is there even a grading system for that? Someone could make really good art and the teacher would just fail them because THEY don't like it. That's it, just the opinion of ONE person and you're screwed. It is also known that some people may be really really good in a certain subject but just struggle with showing it on paper. There are also some teachers who act like what they teach in class will pop up on the test, but then make the test three times harder than what they taught in class...How is a student supposed to handle that? So, no, grades should not be a system-wide indicator of success. Grades are basically opinions from one person and should not be taken all that seriously. I believe that we should measure how much a person has grown.

  • Grades should not be used as a system-wide indicator of success.

    Kids should not be discouraged by their grade and think they are dumb or that it's not worth learning. They should not judge how smart they are because of a letter or a number. They might know a lot, but it might not agree with the grading system. We should measure growth.

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