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  • Fuck No, That Would Violate The First.

    1) Banning Any Type Of Video Games Would Violate The First Amendment, Because Video Games (Including Violent Video Games) Are Protected As Art Under The First Amendment.

    2) If They Ban Video Games At All Then They Should Ban This Newer Style Of Rap Called "Mumble Rap" (Or As I Call It "Mumble Crap", Because It's Not Real Rap)

    3) If They Ban Video Games, Then They Should Also Ban "Death Metal" (Death Metal Is Not Metal & It's Not Real Music. Death Metal Is Just Demonic Growling & Screaming With A Beat Behind It).

    4) If They Ban Video Games Then It Should Be Illegal For Any Illegal Immigrant To Protest.

    5) It Should Also Be Illegal For Anyone With A Highschool Diploma Or GED To Protest.

    6) If Video Games Are Banned, Then It Should Also Be Illegal For Anyone That Is Against The Constitution, Against America, Against Gun Rights, Against The Military To Protest.

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