Should grandparents live with their children and grandchildren?

  • They should live together

    Multi generational housing is good for the grandparents for they are near their family and can be close to them, but also the children, because there are sources of wisdom and extra helping hands around the house. Of course, I'm not crazy; both the family and the grandparents should want to live together before everyone starts combining into the same house. But who should decide that? The family, or society?

  • Depending on the lifestyle

    This is a very common practice in many countries around the world and it's also an opportunity for grandchild and grandparent to form a bond and have a relationship that is usually without the the presssures of being an actual authoritarian figure, as the parent usually is perceived. It has it's ups and downs, I know from personal experience, but I believe that having the wisdom and the extra care and live in the house for the children and extra support for the parent and grandchild is usually beneficial.

  • A heavy burden

    What about those who are orphaned by their parents, or those who have no one else to take care of them. I understand the need to be independent, but sometimes life doesn't work that way. It can be burden, but in a way, you're not all alone in the world

  • No family member should be forced into an arrangement, but yes, if all parties agree, there are many benefits to the arrangement.

    Multigenerational households are hardly a new phenomenon but have existed throughout history. Not only is the economics in everyone's favor, but there also arises a closeness and connection between the family members; rather than having a few individuals on their own, the family has immediate support. The elderly benefit from the vitality of the younger members, while the younger members have the wisdom and support of the elders.

  • Yes they should live with them.

    I feel that grandparents should live with their children and grandchildren. In most situations grandparents make less money than their children so it is both economical and the right thing to do to live with their children. When grandparents do this they can take care of the grandchildren while the parents go off to work and earn a living for the entire family.

  • not at al

    No, I do not think that it is a good idea for these people to move in and live with their family. Their kids need to be able to be out on their own and get to go and live their own life, and not have to worry about parents.

  • People need to spread out.

    I know this is popular with some cultures and countries, but I'm not a big supporter of multigenerational housing. I think that everyone needs their space to become independent and fully functioning. Call it room to grow, if you want. Obviously, issues where care is needed and can be provided by a family member is a different situation.

  • No, grandparents should not live with their children and grandchildren.

    No, grandparents should not live with their children and grandchildren. Not unless it is absolutely necessary and they can't care for themselves. The children and grandchildren need to be able to start there own lives and grow together without the grandparents interfering. And quite frankly that's too many people in one house.

  • No, I don't believe grandparents should live with their childen and grandchildren.

    While it largely dependent on financial and health factors whether or not a grandparent lives with their childen In genreal I think it's a poor idea, it adds an extra element for members of the household to have to worry about and take care of that was not there before.

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