• To end globalist capitalism

    Britain specifically English people are taking a stand against the evils of globalized capitalism, moving toward more nationalist socialist policy (not Nazis but actual national socialists) looking after there own not the CEOs. By this action they have set the stage for more like moments witch are happening in the western world.

  • They are better without it.

    Great Britain handles things just fine on their own. They have a strong military. They have land all over the world. Their currency and their banks are strong. The last thing England needs is the rest of the world dragging it down. They are better off flying solo because they do it best.

  • UK should stay!

    UK has had a rich history with the Europeans. Leaving the European Union would be very devastating for Europe. Europe is already small so why take off a country from the union? It makes no sense. I'm sure Europe can survive without UK but UK is what makes Europe even better.

  • Great Britain should not leave the European Union.

    If Great Britain follows through with its "Brexit" movement, it will suffer economically and become isolated on the global level. Also, many Europeans who are otherwise foreign to the UK but who work in the country's largest cities will also be impacted. If Great Britain is no longer a part of the European Union, there will be no more go-between from itself into neighboring countries.

  • No they should not

    Great Britain should definitely not leave the European Union. It has been proven that a vast majority of voters only voted because they wanted immigration to get sorted out. If however the United Kingdom were to stay within th European Union they could make the changes from the inside. Without the EU England now has ways of getting out of the union laws that the EU had placed to protect the British workers.

  • No, Great Britain should not leave the European Union

    No, Great Britain should not leave the European Union. This is an economic conglomerate that the United Kingdom needs to be a part of for its long term financial and social success. It would hurt both Great Britain and the other countries of the EU if Great Britain were to leave.

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