• Country seems too far gone.

    In the terms their unemployment is so high. That and Germany is probably tired of giving them more money. There situation does not seem to be improving, so they might as well as wipe out all of their debt and just start over. It is not something that I would recommend to any country normally, but at some point people need to realize that the boat is sinking. Instead of keeping the uncertainty thing going, just start over. After that they can only go back up, because they won't be able to fall no more.

  • Yes, so Greece can move on and so that the creditors can move on also.

    It makes no sense to remain in a stalemate. Both sides are wasting resources and mindthink. If Greece goes into default a 100% decision is made and both, the debtor and creditor, can move on however so difficult. Right now, the same resources used to fight the debacle can be used instead to start anew.

  • They should not

    I don't think that is any good reason for Greece to all of a sudden just give up and decide that it does not want to deal with its debt anymore. They have gone through a tough run in the last few years, but if they keep pushing on they'll be better for it.

  • Greece needs to pay up!

    Many in Greece feel that they are being treated unfairly because the European Union is holding them up as an example of a country that was irresponsible by spending unnecessarily. And I for one, side with the E.U. Greece lived in a state of overreach economically. They spent more then they made. A perfect example of this was there spending was on the Olympics of 2004. It is incredibly hard for a country the size and population of Greece to support such a large event, but the people and government spent tremendous amounts of money to host the event. This is just one (but very glaring) examples of many. The bill has come for Greece and it is time to pay up!

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