• Stuff the Kleptomaniacs

    All the crooks in Greece should give the money they have stolen back, they will not as the whole establishment is corrupt. Leaving the euro might give a chance for a new democratic force to come alive in this enslaved country. The home of democracy is now a country wholly controlled by the international croney capitalists- who want everything! The stuff countries with poor unwanted immigrants to subvert the local workers opportunities and collect the world's wealth to their overstuffed undeserving coffers.

  • Countries Leaving Euro Zone Starts Domino Effect

    Greece shouldn't leave the Euro Zone just yet. Things are presently calm and austerity measures will take years to completely set in. If one country leaves the Euro Zone, then a domino effect happens and more will jump ship. When that happens, currencies devalue and stock markets will dip on Europe's uncertainty. Greece will right itself, just give it time.

  • Greece Should Remain in Eurozone

    By staying in the Eurozone, Greece can improve upon its economic woes and become stable economically once again. The country has gone through various problems in the past few years, and the Eurozone can absolutely help the country despite popular belief. Greece needs to stay exactly where it is right now.

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