• Yes, Greece Should Remain in the EU

    Greece should remain in the EU, because if it does not and returns to the drachma, it will default on its debt and its economy will completely collapse. The whole idea of a union is that the members shore each other up and the EU should do what it can to help Greece but Greece should not drop out--that would be perilous.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe Greece should remain in the European Union. I think the European Union has been a great uniting force between the array of countries found on the European continent. I think all of the nations should made an attempt to join and stay in the European Union. Doing so shows a desire to live amicable among one another.

  • Greece remain in the European Union

    Greece should remain in the European Union. Greece has been a part of Europe for a long long time. So I think they should stick to their roots and what they know and continue to remain a part of the culture that they have always followed. I don't see any real reason for them to split.

  • The EU is a self-serving, self elected parasite.

    The EU elite are sucking the life out of Europe for their own gain, and you can bet the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are the grand masters behind it. Greece, get to hell out of that totally corrupt gang of lowlife parasites. You once were a dynamic people with a very dynamic culture. You can be a proud nation again if you stand on your own two feet and reclaim your backbone. Until you do you will be nothing, have nothing, and you will never again be able to stand proud. At least Britain had the balls to stand up to the Brussels thugs. Don't be like Sweden who boasted they'd be next one out, but coped out like the spineless wretches they are. Let the world know Greece will not anybody's whore being bled dry of its culture, its social structure and self respect. The European Union was never set up to help anyone but the 1% elite who are 100% vermin.

  • It should not of joined at all

    Greece in its current financial state has put it in a ambiguous position on finance and a migration crisis for which they should be a semi-memeber in their current situation not a full member.
    However to the point Greece like Romania and Bulgaria the new members have much more affinity with Russia and are not Western states. Europe's heartland is Western but as a continent it is not homogenous the Balkans and Russia are economically and culturally separate from the EU.

  • They have hurt the others.

    No, Greece should not remain in the European Union, because they have hurt the others. Greece's economy and their lack of financial responsibility has been a strain that the other countries have had to deal with. Greece should gracefully bow out and work on their own finances before joining with others.

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