Should Greece vote yes on the upcoming referendum?

Asked by: silentmonarch
  • Say yes to austerity, Europe and a solution.

    No matter the economic suffering that Greece endures voting no would undoubtedly lead to a 'grexit' which would spell the possible decline and end for the Euro zone and European union, one of the worlds most important organisations. The only way for Greece to repay its debts is to cut back on spending whether they are with Europe or with out. They are not hostage to Europe they are hostage to years of over spending. Austerity is the only way forward for Greece and the sooner they put aside their nationalistic pride and except that themselves, not Europe, got them there and Europe is trying to bring them back. Voting no would sink Greece and take Europe with it. We must accept austerity and we must accept that the hardship is worth it for the ideal of the European union. Prime Minister Tsipras is a fool in thinking that he can pay back debt while reintroducing public servants and increasing spending, these polices won't help, Euro or no Euro. So why vote no, why vote for less Austerity knowing that it brings with it no solution to the problem and the risking of breaking Europe.

  • Greece should vote no

    Not only should Greece vote no on the proposed austerity measures as they should also seek to leave the euro. Although maintaining a new currency would be difficult it would still be a better option than to remain hostage to the EU. What Greece needs most of all right now is control over their own economic situation, they need to be able to adopt their own fiscal policies without being tied to the euro (a currency which it shares with several other countries with conflicting economic views.) What put Greece in the situation its in now in the first place was its inability to devalue its own currency when facing its own lose of competitiveness in the international market. Greece would need a devalued currency in order to make its exports more competitive. Also Greece has been victim to the austerity measures being pushed on to them by Germany for the past 5 years and it still hasn't managed to get out of its current situation, intact its only gotten much much worse. These forced austerity measures have thus far proven to be unsuccessful and Europe's insistence that Greece adopt even tighter measures is a purely political move aimed at removing prime minister Tsipras from power and installing a government more willing to bend over to all of the EU's requests.


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