Should Green Technology be provided for free?

Asked by: Eumin
  • It its a good step toward better future.

    If we provide Green Technology for free, people will use it more frequently, and it will end up making the world Green, because people use it from around the world will use it. Since it is important to stop using such Polluting and start going green, we should give people a bait that they will take that makes the world go Green.

  • Cheaper but not free - agreed. And if you check your history, it's already been tried.

    Tesla wanted to give free electricity but the backing investor, J.P. Morgan, who had financed the Niagara Falls project, terminated the contract upon learning that it would be “free” wireless electricity for all to tap into over a century ago.
    Making altruistic sweeping gestures are nice in philosophy class or hippie songs but it isn't realistic.

  • Cheaper, maybe, but not free.

    As humans, our goal is to leave a better life for our children. So ya, having a pollutant free world would be a great thing to accomplish. But if that requires the government to force companies to sell "green technology" for free, thus having to subsidize those companies, we sacrifice the well being of our nation. I say the companies should compete with each other, so that we can have cheaper, more available forms of green technology, rather than freeloading them. As a nation, we shouldn't have to choose between good technology and capitalism, we should be able to have both.

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