Should grey wolf hunting (in Michigan) be legal?

Asked by: msu1alum
  • Grey Wolves are a menace!

    I worry about the safety of my family when we walk in the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and at times encounter a not so friendly wolf. After hearing from my State Senator, Tom Casperson who said that Michigan is overpopulated with wolves, I am very concerned. Afterall, a State Senator would not lie about this would he?

  • I'm a hunter

    I'm a hunter and I think hunting the wild would be a great game to hunt. I wouldn't trap them just find them and shoot them. I wouldn't shoot an unreasonable number of wolves. I would probably shoot just one and then maybe never shoot one again but it would be cool to get one.

  • Gray wolves are essential!

    Without wolves, deer will eat through a forest, destroying homes and habitats for many animals. Gray wolves are necessary for many animals, including us. We need oxygen and without the trees deer will be eating, we will have much less of it. Wolves have a right to live to and , frankly, are the most amazing animal.

  • Yes, as the DNR allows.

    Yes, grey wolf hunting in Michigan should be legal, if the DNR believes that it is beneficial to the wolf population. Wolves are often harmful and can attack people. If the DNR believes it is worthwhile to hunt the wolves, it should be allowed, just as hunting deer is allowed with restrictions.

  • Wolf are harmful and it no different than shooting a deer or elk

    For all you people there who think it bad well maybe you should just stay inside and sit on your butt because it either just going to die from disease eventually or die quickly with a 30-06 shell going through its heart. Thanks now shoot wolves! OR STAY IN YOUR HOUSE

  • I think Gray Wolf hunting should be legal , but with certain requirements.

    I think Gray Wolf hunting should be legal, but as I said, with certain requirements. Like, a hunting season, and a certain amount of wolves you can kill, and that it has to be adult males, so they can keep repopulating, just not as much. So, in conclusion, it can be legal, but with requirements.

  • Blah blah blah

    They kill people so we kill them. If it was a bear killing people we would kill it. And it is wolves so we can use what we get from them, but we shouldn't hunt them to the point of endangerment. Or even extinction. We should be able to hunt them just not over hunt.

  • The Prey Extinction

    Wolves are predators to many animals -we all know it- and without a control on the population of wolves, what is to stop the wolves from being so deprived of food sources, due to overpopulation, that they drive all of the animals that they hunt into extinction? That is why I believe that wolf hunting in Michigan should be legal

  • It should be legal, to an extent.

    An open hunting season for wolves would be beneficial to the wolf population. After the hunt is in progress, wolves will start to be wary of humans and stay away. That would be beneficial to us and the wolves. Without some sort of population control, the problems will worsen and start to become very real. Unfortunately, there are people who want to completely kill every wolf out there. I'm not saying that should happen. Giving out a limited number of tags through a lottery system would be a good way to hold a controlled wolf hunt. It's about population control, not killing.

  • Yes it should be legal

    Wolfs kill people, so we should kill them. If we don't kill them they will become over popilated. If they do that they will start to kill more and more people. The dnr says that they should have hunting season for them and i agree with them on that. Thanks

  • We need wolves

    Without wolves the prey population would be over whelming, wolves hunt, bears scavenge, wolves feed bears by hunting and leaving the rest of whatever is left for bears, wolves keep the prey population in check, wolves rarely attack humans as well, wolves will actually take care of you if you make friends with them when they are pups,

  • The truth, Hunting wolves is bad and good!

    Hunting wolves should only be okay for like a week or more in one month because if we keep on killing them we won't have them anymore and if we don't kill them we will have more than needed, sure the hurt people but only because they are more afraid of us then we are of them they only hurt us because they think your going to hurt them or their family, so incunlusion we should hunt wolves but only for one week or more in one moth of the year and then the same moth next year.

  • Save our wolves

    These animals belong here for a reason. To keep our world in a balance amongst nature. They should not be murdered. I know they will survive, but man needs to stop the hate to this species...Its racism plain and simple. Stop the slaughter already. Let them live! Wolves dont kill for bloodlust or just for the thrill of it. They kill to teach their family to hunt and to support their own. Wolves have to kill to survive, its what they do.

    This whole thing is so unfair. These wolves deserve to be protected and respected. People pay big money to SEE a wild wolf. Thats tourism money for a state. Killing them will take away that money for said state. People want to see wolves thrive in our nation. I believe i read that 78% of americans do not want to see the wolf killed off to extinction. We need predators in the wild to keep the illness down in herds of deer, elk, caribu, etc. God put them hear along with all of our animals for a reason. The reason here is to be a wolf. Man"kind" has no right to take it upon themselves to kill a wolf unless they can do it on their own land when a wolf is perhaps harming livestock or a family member. Not go out and shoot every single wolf just because it exists. But people build their ranches and such in territory of the wolf. Letting cattle graze on public land that is however far away from the ranch. Of course a predator is going to get at least one. But to be able to kill a wolf plus be reimbursed for livestock loss is stupid. You cant kill a creature then get paid for what they kill. I think a lot of ranchers do it on purpose. Just so they can go on a rampage and kill wolves. Or at least use it as an excuse to do so.

    Please stop the killing of wolves in michican, idaho, wyoming, minnesota, etc. We need them. Whats truly seen is that the wolf is more humane than humans.

  • No, of course NOT!! It is not good idea at all periods!! Leave them alone --

    I cannot understand how scared u are of wolves being too closed to their livestock! U should get all fence up and keep wolves out so it will not hurt so much! Sighs… I just still don't understand at all - NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!! Made more angry all the times….. All wildlife were here longer than we have! So let that be right now and no more killings wolves!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!

  • Grey wolves are not a threat

    The threat of grey wolves has been blown out of proportion. Wolves are not over populated and they have no real impact on either cattle or elk. They are no threat to humans at all. Wolves are essential to the eco systems as they are more efficient than human hunters to keep elk and deer populations in good health. They are also good for the forests as they keep it from being over grazed by same elk and deer. Hunting causes problem wolves as they are pack animals who need other members to hunt efficiently because of their relevant small size. They cannot survive on their own unlike the old maid story of the lone wolf. Young wolves surviving these hunts cannot hunt and will venture to towns, farms and picnic spots where they can scavenge or find easy prey like cattle, sheep, chickens, pets and rubbish dumps in order to survive. In normal circumstances wolves control their own numbers because they are territorial. Their numbers increase or decrease according to available territory and food. Hunting them has the opposite effect. In stead of avoiding humans they are forced from hunger to come into human habitats.
    Wolves are not naturally scared of gunfire and will investigate out of curiosity the sound. Especially the ones that were never exposed to the devastating effect of gunfire. They do not associate gunfire with death. We sometimes make the wrong assumptions and draw conclusions from human experiences and transplant those to wolves. Wolves do not learn lessons because you punished the others with death. We forget that wolves live with death all the time. They will naturally avoid things they cannot understand. Like fladry, balloons, odd unnatural shapes and colors.
    Another thing is that indiscriminate killing of one key individual can lead to the death of a whole pack. Killing an alpha or parent wolf can cause the death of its whole pack as it will disentigrate leaving individual wolves that will not survive unless taken into another pack which is highly unlikely. Only if a strong wolf steps into the fray and the others follow will such a pack survive.
    We can learn from wolves. They should be protected not hunted.

  • No of course not,

    Isn't it a life like any other , if it attacks you then fine kill it but killing it for no reason is just ridiculous.
    Just as much as you don't want your family killed, it probably has one to. I fit comes to kill you feel free,its karma but hunting it down for its own survival is horrible. After a few year then the animal reserve teams will eventually stop the act of hunting these down as their probably becoming extinct

  • Why would ANY murder be legal?

    There is no science behind the hunt. The legislator behind the hunt doesn't even pretend any more that there is any science supporting the hunt. Killing random wolves to prevent livestock predation would be like killing random people in Chicago to prevent vandalism. The hunting of wolves in Michigan is nothing more than state sanctioned murder.

  • The Gray Wolf

    They are facing extreme cruelty at the hands of Trophy Hunters and trapping which should be ban. Using dogs to hunt them should be ban. They are almost extinct at this point and important to the eco system. A lot of animals will die without the wolf ask biologist that.

  • No, it should not be Legal!!!!!!

    Wolves are a beautiful animal and are a big part of the wildlife. They have done nothing wrong, so why should we be allowed to trap and hunt this precious animal. I am a hunter but I strongly disagree with the idea that wolves should be hunted and I will stand my ground and defend this amazing annimal.

  • Stop it now

    Wolf belong in our world that we are so happily destroying. Why would any human being do this is cruel mean and inhumane. Stop killing wolves Enough stop it right now . Do you really have such low self esteem that you have to kill innocent animal specifically wolves to feel good about yourself. STOP IT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH END IT NOW!!!!!!!!

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Fruit_Loop42 says2014-10-30T14:06:45.900
I like wolves because they don't do any harm to anyone on a consistent basis.
MWonderWolf says2016-06-13T07:17:26.420
Yeah, they only killed two people in the last century, whereas cows kill about 25 people a year! Jeez, why do these vicious humans* want to kill these beautiful animals!?

* They aren't humane humans if they act in such a way as to kill innocent animals.
MWonderWolf says2016-06-13T07:18:02.767
Why is this under science?