• It's to have fun

    There's nothing wrong with it. You don't have to grind, but it's so much fun unless you're one of those poor souls with stiff hips and don't know how to dance. People who complain need to chill out. I grind, and roll my body in various forms to keep my partner guessing. I can see how it's inappropriate, but I'm not buying it. The world has always been sexually charged. Just because it's more out in the open doesn't mean we're worse than previous generations.

  • It's only a dance

    I've been to mostly all of my highschool dances and I'm a junior this year. Nothing is wrong with grinding, it's just 2 people dancing. Many duo dances have sexual moves, and grinding is just another one of them. If both members are enjoying it and not saying anything then there shouldn't really be a problem. It helps create a bond with the person. Grinding is just another form of dancing people.

  • Its only dancing

    There is nothing wrong with grinding I think. It is only a dance a I will tell you that I have gotten a lot more intimate while slow dancing. I am a junior in high school and i know lots of girls that like to do it to. If you don't like it then don't attend. Its your problem not ours

  • It's not a problem unless you make it one.

    I really don't think grinding is bad, I am a freshman girl in high school, and personally I just think of it as a dance. It is fun, and the teachers are okay with it too. It's not harassment at all, and if you don't want to grind, or see it, then don't go to the dance. You are only blaming yourself.

  • Yes it should be

    Grinding is so much fun. It makes dancin less awkward because you don't have to worry about being a bad dancer. Everyone can do it all you need is a date. I am a junior in highschool and I did it the first time this year and it was the best dance ever!

  • Of Course It should be

    If you have a problem with grinding, it's your own problem so please do not try to make your problems our problems. Its just a dance. Nothing life changing here. Don't like it? Don't participtate. But whatever you do don't try to force your ideals on everyone else. Most people who attend enjoy it but the minority who disapprove shouldn't try ruining it for the rest of us. Grinding is a harmless dance that isn't going anywhere and we would appreciate if you would live and let live. That is all

  • Don't make your problems our problems

    Only idealistic jack butts would much such a big deal over something so harmless. There's really no need for your overly dramatic objections to it. It's nothing life changing. It's a dance. It exists and it's not going away any time soon. If you don't like it then you are the one with the problem and should get over yourself.

  • Grinding is just like a dance move.

    I went to my first ever highschool dance this year and found a boy who said he wanted to dance. We started dancing then turned into grinding. We had a good time. If the boy is ok with it and the girl is too then it shouldn't be a problem. Grinding is just a dance move except you are moving your hips on the boys crotch. It is kinda like having sex but nobody can get pregnant from it. It is not a dangerous act unless the girl or boy feels violated which is then when they say no I would not like to grind. Otherwise, it should be allowed at school dances.

  • Nothing wrong with it

    Come on people, people have sex inside the school and your saying grinding should be banned. Its just people dancing i dont see whats so bad about it. If you dont want to grind. Then dont grind. Simple as that. I dont see why people are being so annoying about it

  • Its just a dance

    Technically speaking, all forms of partner dance are sexual in one way or another, amd grinding is just another form of this. If you don't like it, then dont attend dances/ dont have your kids attend. Being a teenage boy myself, i can tell you its a lot of fun and many of the people who are against it have never done it. I do think, however that should be mutual consent between partners before grinding happens. But still, when you are grinding you are no more intimate than you would be if you were doing any type of slow dance or ballroom dancing. Remember, people, the clothes stay on and at least at my school grinding has never led to anything bad and the fact that my school tends to ignore it has brought in a lot of money from the dances they host. On one final note;

    If you or your is uncomfortable with grind dancing then dont attend or have them attend. Dances are a choice, not a requirement.

  • Um, Maybe not school dances.

    You. . . Probably shouldn't grind at school dances. But at an off-campus party, Then sure. But at a school dance, There are (more often than not) teachers around. And doing something sexual with your math teacher watching is probably going to take away from the enjoyment of the night. So. . . No.

  • It Makes Others Uncomfortable

    People go to school dances for a good time and don't want to be bothered by people who are trying to get each other aroused. It is a school event and should just be enjoyable without involving sex and inappropriate touching. You never know who really wants to be dancing like that and who just got peer pressured.

  • No. No. No

    The fact that people are calling it "just a dance move" just shows that our morals as a society are going down a slippery slope. Its not a dance, you are literally dry humping in public at a school function. Maybe a senior prom is another issue considering most of those students are probably 18, but no other functions should tolerate it. Especially in middle schools where ive seen it happen with no prevention from staff. It made me want to puke. If you said yes in this debate you are basically saying its perfectly normal and ok to let children dry hump in public in front of faculty. Im sorry, but, no...

  • You're literally rubbing a guy's junk against a girl's backend

    You're literally rubbing a guy's junk against a girl's backend. It's purely sexual. It ruins the dance because that's all you see for miles in the room. Just a bunch of sexual starving teens banging it up on the dancefloor. It's a nightclub "dance" not a highschool one. It only makes sense for highschoolers to defend such a lewd act because it's what they're getting off to; at least when I was in high school, I had the decency to just have fun as opposed to rubbing genitals trying to get high. If you're not allowed to merely HUG in the hallways, why is this allowed.
    Seriously, try actually learning a dance.

  • Can't do it in the halls

    If you can't do this nasty garbage in the hallways, why are schools turning down the lights and paying for music to be played at a function where tickets are sold. REALLY? How would anyone report a sexual assault when the entire gym in all up on each other at these dances. If it happened in the hallway someone would be expelled.

  • Wow - really?

    I cannot believe this is even an issue. This is so very sad and even embarrassing. Yes, grinding is totally erotic and sexually stimulating, and WHY are places of public education facilitating or allowing open sexual experimentation and arousal? Is this what public schools are for, what education is for? I'm of the personal opinion that people can do what they want in private, not in public - I don't want to see that! We are slipping down a morally degenerative path and it's heartbreaking to witness.

  • Shows flaws in our culture

    The fact that this is even a debate shows serious flaws regarding the prevalence and appliance of sexual acts in our society. Grinding is am act in which a male and a female shove their genitals in to each other for sexual stimulation by swaying their hips together. Sex in our culture has become so prevalent that publicly engaging in sexual acts in a school setting is acceptable by our youth. If this trend continues, and it becomes accepted for sexual acts to be applied in more public settings and at younger ages, we could see a future in the next century where high school teens engage in sex far more often, and sex parties become apart of the norm. We have to put our foot down and today's youth that such behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Not at all!

    Grinding is a very animalistic act, reducing everyone to openly displaying their desire for physical gratification instead of respect for one another!!! Missing getting to know one another!! :( Not to mention other factors such as no one being married to their dance partner, age, in public, awkward for all, etc.!

  • It ruins the dance for everyone else.

    My senior prom was perfection... Until it turned into an orgy. There were people who deserved to have as much fun as those people dry humping on the dance floor. Not only does it objectify EVERYONE, but it also makes those who don't participate uncomfortable as heck. Lastly, how are we supposed to have fun when the entire dance floor is being taken over by those who think it's fun to grind up against each other. It's disgusting and looks stupid, not cool.

  • Disrespectful to girls!! And guys too

    Many kids don't want to go to the dances because they feel that they have to grind BUT some want to go so that they can dance and hang out. Grinding seems to be for those who want something or guys to talk about a girl in a negative way. Not all are comfortable but administration at the dances just goes along with it!

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