• Yes, plastic bags save trees and can be easily reused.

    Grocery stores should use plastic bags as a good alternative to paper bags. Using plastic bags saves trees, which are not necessarily an easily renewable resource. Plastic bags can also be saved by the customers and used for other purposes, such as lining trash bins or cleaning after pets. Plastic is used for these anyways, so getting plastic bags at the grocery store may mean that less plastic is bought by the customer.

  • No more plastic bags

    I think that plastic bags need to be band from local stores and on sold in private stores. Plastic bags are just a waste to the earth and they are very bad to all there animals. That is why I thing plastic bag should be band from local stores. #NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS

  • No, they just create extra waste.

    Grocery stores should stop using bags that are not reusable, such as plastic and paper. These bags just end up as trash in most homes, even when the store offers a recycling option. Encouraging customers to use boxes or reusable bags is much better for the environment since it produces less waste. It is also cheaper for the store.

  • No More Plastic Bags At The Supermarket

    Plastic bags should be banned from all grocery stores. They are a grave threat to the environment and to animals. It's unclear whether they ever fully decompose, and the process could take a hundred years. Leftover pieces of the bags may be ingested by land and sea animals, causing infiltration of the food chain.

  • Grocery stores should use paper bags or encourage customers to use re-usable bags.

    Plastic bags, though cheaper to produce, are less environmentally friendly than their paper counterparts. Even more eco friendly are re-usable bags that customers bring with them upon returning to the store. Encouraging customers to use re-usable bags also cuts down costs for supermarkets because they spend less money on bags to provide to customers. For these reasons, grocery stores should stop using plastic bags.

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