• Murders on streets

    It is 'games' such as these that are the reasons you hear about teenagers abusing and raping others... If you are taught from a young age to hate women,you surely won't hit 18 and realise everyone is equal...Its disgraceful that 'games' such as this are making their way into children's Santa stockings!!

  • GTA V should be rate 18+

    The Entertainment Software Rating Board exists for a reason, and that reason is to ensure that proper entertainment material is allowed to proper audiences. Just as movies are rated R, and activities such as smoking and drinking are subject to age requirements, so too should video games. Games such as GTA V give its audiences the opportunity to be exposed to, as well as engage in, illegal acts. Why would you want to teach your child that this participation is ok?

  • Fuck No It Should Not

    GTA V May Show Nudity, Violence, & Drug Use. It Also Has Strong Language, But There's Not Enough Nudity In The Game For It To Be Rated 18+ Or AO By The ESRB Anyone That Thinks Any GTA Game Should Be Rated 18+ Or AO Is A Fucking Retard & A Fucking Dumbass.

  • Hell Fucking No!!!!

    Yes It Shows Nudity, Drug Use, Violence, & Has Strong Language. But It Barely Shows Any Nudity In The Game It Does Not Show Enough Nudity To Be Considered As AO By The ESRB & Anyone That Thinks Any GTA Game Should Be Rated 18+ Or AO Is A Fucking Dumbass.

  • No, I don' think that GTA V should be rated 18+

    I believe that as long as a child has parental consent to purchase a video game ratings shouldn't matter. Even though that GTA V is very violent and brutal at times, it should not be rated 18+. I think that a video game is fiction that shouldn't be directly consumed and assumed to be okay to repeat in real life.

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