• Yes, Since He Fears For His Safety in Belize

    Yes, Guatemala should offer asylum for McAfee. No one really knows for sure what the circumstances were between John McAfee and the Police in Belize. There may be some validity to his claims that he would not be safe if he were to return there. Based on this, Guatemala should offer asylum so that issues can be dealt with in a way that does not compromise McAfee’s safety or rights.

  • Yes, Give McAfee Asylum

    Guatemala should give John McAfee asylum, at least temporarily. What can it hurt. He can always be extradited at a later date. The legal systems of some Central and South American countries are questionable at best. If Guatemalan Government sends him back to Belize and they arrest him for murder; if he happens to get killed in prison while awaiting trial, they can close the book on the case and stop looking for any other suspects. They could say that he must have been guilty or he wouldn't have been killed.

  • I don't see why

    There's no obligation here. McAfee by his own admission is beyond paranoid right now and if you listen to him in interviews he's clearly losing it. While I wouldn't be by any means infuriated if Guatemala gave him asylum I don't see why he expects them to. This case needs to be resolved.

  • McAffe should not recieve assylum

    Who honestly knows if McAffe is innocent or guilty? I don't think he deserves asylum because he is a suspect to a crime that needs to be solved. If the government is so corrupt that it won't take the measures to keep him alive during the duration of the trial then it must be gods will.

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