• Yes gum should be Allowed

    I think that schools should allow gum because students need something to keep them focused and gum keeps their breath clean even some teachers need their gum. I would say it helps students stay calm during test. I think if their no responsible with the gum they should be punished not every one.

  • Gum should be allowed in class

    Gum should be allowed in class because it help with anxiety, Stress, ADD, And ADHD. IT should also be allowed because it gives your subconscious something to do while studying or during a big test. Therefore in my opinion gum should be allowed during classes/school. SO YYEYSYS yes yes yes yes yes ye s

  • Gum helps you focus and destress

    It is stupid to ban it, as it incites rebeliousness and makes student stick it to disagree with authority. It also means that students who chew in class cant throw it away, and have to stick it on tables instead. It helps you concentrate, and is proven to be healthy for teeth.

  • Yesss because yes

    I think gum chewing should be allowed because some people say your breath stank and you need a tic tac and you end up getting roasted by everyone and it embrassing so gum chewing should be allowed so you dont get bullied and your breath stank just like a fire in a house

  • Should be able to chew gum in school

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  • Yes kids and teens

    Gum is good. It makes your breath smell really nice. Gum is fantastic for thinking. When your chewing on it, distracts everything around you so you can think. Some elementary kids never chew on gum sometimes because of their teachers. They have very mean sayings. That's why gum should be allowed in class.

  • Yes it should be

    It should be because it helps relieve stress and concentrate when you are worried about something so it should be my humanities class is doing debating and this is my topic why bubble gum should be allowed at school and me and my friend are for so we agree with the statement

  • I need gum

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  • We should have gum

    We should have gum because it helps kids stay up in class and kids always starve in class and gum helps kids stay alive and concentrate so thats why we should have gum YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

  • Read now plz

    Gum should definitely be allowed in school. I am a current student and honestly, I sneaked it once and it was so much easier to focus because of the taste in my mouth and it sort of helps me take my mind of things that are distracting me like friendship problems so I think it would be so much better if it was I know there are downsides like cleaning it up but you can't make the room spotless, have the janitor clean up nothing, then pay him/ her.

  • Nobody to clean it up

    It's just more hard work on the teachers and not fair.
    Especially high school, teenagers put gum everywhere, and a child could get infected or very ill if they attempt to eat a dirty piece of gum off the floor. Gum is good for the breath, but can't they have mints instead?

  • I don't think that gum should be allowed in school.

    Gum shouldn't be allowed in school because who cleans it up? If the students don't clean up the gum mess they've made, then janitors should be paid more because janitors are there to keep the school clean by sweeping dust, picking up trash, etc. not to scrape gum underneath whatever's!

  • More to clean

    Have you ever had to scrape the gum off the bottom of a desk or the floor. Probably not. That's someone else's job. Janitors hate the gum issue. Some of them aren't hired to clean there. Many teachers have to do it. Have you ever chewed gum with braces? It gets stuck up on top and is hard to chew. That excludes people with braces and invisaline from being able to fit in and do what other people do. If you had ever been a kid then you know how they need to fit in.

  • Its not good

    Your not supposed to eat chewing gum in class because, while quite a few people believe that it focuses you, imagine how enraged the educator must feel when you are chewing gum in their class? I hope you guys reconsider after reading my opinion. Also have a nice day :).

  • It isn't appropriate

    I have no objection to students chewing during lunch or break; as long as they don't do what a lot of students do and spit it on the floor or stick it under the desk making the environment somewhat unclean. I do however, have an objection to students chewing during lesson times. I'm finding it hard to put my reasoning into words, I just think that there is a time for certain things. I also think that it is in respect for the teacher and to show their full concentration that they do not chew.

  • Its a mess

    Hard to clean. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . /

  • It sounds disgusting.

    People chew gum like pigs. They make horrid smacking sounds that distract other kids. It may help one person focus, but the kids around them end up being distracted and disgusted. Gum should be banned from school because no one, not even kids, want tot listen to that terrible sound.

  • Gum isn't helping people

    Gum shouldn't be allowed. Think of it this way. You think gum helps you focus, right? WRONG!!! Imagine if your sitting next to someone in class that's chomping, smacking, and popping their gum. I don't see how this could be a useful tactic. Yes, gum is nice to have, but it still shouldn't be allowed in school. Not to mention how disgusting it is when you touch a piece of gum at the bottom of your desk. BLEH

  • Choke on it

    You can choke on it and die from that . In additon if you keep on eating and chewing gum then it will trick your stomach after that you would like not be hungry and that is very bad and can have cancer there is no cure for that thing....

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