• Yes, in certain forms they should be banned, such as assault rifles.

    Yes, at least they should be less ads on TV and less large billboard signs. After recent tragedies, the ads should be more discrete. Maybe airing the ads during hours children won't likely be watching and magazine ads are better options. I guess there is no clear cut answer. While guns don't kill people, the people behind them do. However, the media does have a sense of responsibility to the public.

  • No, gun sellers have the right to advertise.

    It is legal to buy guns, and so just like cigarettes and alcohol companies can advertise, so should gun sellers be able to. Back in the day cigarette companies glamorized smoking and much of that has been stifled. In much the same way, gun sellers should be able to advertise but not make gun ownership look macho or glamorous.

  • No, people are more exposed to guns in other ways.

    Why would you ban gun ads when most of the exposure to guns comes from TV, video games, the news, movies, etc? Banning ads would be pointless in reducing gun violence. This is America. Everyone knows they have the right to own guns and knows they can buy guns.

    Also, plenty of gun shows that promote gun safety and knowledge only exist with the support of gun advertisements. Getting rid of gun ads would damage those shows and ultimately reduce knowledge about guns, how they operate, and how to operate them safely.

  • No, But Background and Psychological Tests Need to Improve

    I don't think banning guns is the answer. It's too easy for people to buy them illegally. Look at the number of guns being used by drug cartels down in Mexico that have been linked back to the U.S. military or police forces. There does need to be better record keeping when it comes to sales, much better background checks that look at a person's history in the entire world instead of just the state or federal government, and all gun owners should be required to undergo fire arms training with a professional who evaluates that person's attitude (mental and physical) before they're allowed to take the gun home with them.

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