• Guns help kill people

    One popular argument for against is guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns make It much easier. Point proven. One might contradict that they are a good defence mechanism. Who has ever shot a burgler or a bank robber. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!! And to the people who say the constitution cant be changed your WRONG!!!!!!!!! This is the 21st century.

  • Gun bans should be enforced as far as they are applicable.

    Gun bans should be enforced when and where applicable. It defeats the purpose of having a ban if the ban is not enforced. If citizens want the ban lifted, then they should push for it to be legally lifted through the due process of law. To overlook gun bans because one does not happen to agree with them, however, is akin to saying that some laws are more important than others.

  • Guns should certainly not be banned !

    If guns were completely banned, including from the military, the USA would be overthrown. We would be the only country that would not have guns, therefore making us incredibly vulnerable. Places like North Korea would jump on us immediately, bombing us because we cant fight back. If guns were banned tragedies like 9/11 would occur every day.

  • No gun bans

    Guns in the hands of certain people can be dangerous. However, that does not mean all people are those certain people. Guns can be used for shooting people, but they can also be used for hunting. George Washington warned us about changing the constitution. The 2nd amendment clearly states the right of citizens to bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • Gun bans would only disarm law abiding citizens.

    Criminals don't obey laws. If you ban guns people still get them. Guns won't magically disappear. Sorry but this isn't a fairy tale. They exist and they're not going anywhere. Meth is illegal and people still get meth. Other drugs are illegal right? People still get them. It doesn't matter what kinds of laws you pass. Criminals won't follow them. When those criminals use their illegal guns to hurt law abiding citizens, us law abiding citizens won't have a gun to defend our selves because of a gun ban. Guns are used for self defense hundreds of thousands of times. You need a gun to defend your self from a rapist or killed even if the rapist or killer doesn't have a gun. People that have banned guns include hitler, pol pot, Stalin and many other horrible dictators. Only years after the gun ban they committed genocide and/or murdered many civilians who were unarmed and un able to defend them selves. My grandmother grew up in the soviet union and we've lost many family members to Stalins brutal dictatorship. That can't happen in America. We must defend our selves from these horrible ideas for the better of our nation.

  • No gun laws should not be enforced

    It's against the constitution of the United States. I pledged my allegiance to the United States of America not the federal or state laws. Anybody that is pro gun ban is unpatriotic. The last time laws broke the constitution it resulted in a civil war so I can tell you now that if it did happen the us would be in chin high crap. Enforcing something that is against our rights will lead to the enforcement Against other rights. If that happened we wouldn't have rights. If that happened we wouldn't be American.

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