• Why would we ban guns?

    The guns are not the problem in the world it is the people that own the gun. The guns don't pull the trigger it is the humans that pull the trigger. So for us to even think of banning guns is stupid because the guns are not the problem humans are.

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  • There should be regulations

    Whether you like it or not, whether guns kill people or people kill people, well, guns do kill people. That's what they're there for. And American citizens have every right to own them, but there need to be stricter regulations for gun owners. There are still states where you can walk into a store and buy one without as much as a background check. You can do that and still ID for R-rated movies? Priorities here sound a little backwards to me.

  • Yes...? Why wouldn't we?

    If you think it is against the 2nd amendment to suppress gun ownership, you are RETARDED. Anybody should know that things have limits. Not everybody should have access to guns. I CBA to buy Skittles and get shot shortly after. If a background check were required, America would be far safer...

  • NO we need Protection

    Young black boys and many people today are dying.Even the police are doing the killing . We shouldnt be flaunting that we have one hidden but less poeple qould get robbed if they knew that old lady the wanna rob is packing to firepower. So go ahead and lets make it happen America!!! Protect us or let us di it ourself.

  • Because cops are so gay they decide its ok kill black boys thats stupid

    If you looking for someone to date go to so you could save everyone and for 5 $ a day you could get these ashy African Americans lotion or you could just save them from the cops so like ice cube said frick the police coming straight form the underground

  • No it should not

    People need guns to hunt, provide food, and protect themselves. If gun control were allowed you would take away citizens guns, but do you think criminals would legally give up their guns? The criminals would have guns but citizens wont. This is why your mom is this of you uou

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