First of all, many people have guns all over the USA. But most are used for illegal activities such as shooting, robbing and other criminal activities. Also, most criminals use guns. About 80% of guns used by criminals are bought from an individual that is not a licensed dealers. Legal dealers should have a more detailed background check. Buyers should be over the age of 21 and/or have no record of mental illness. Checks like this should be done at every place to every buyer. Also illegal dealers should be arrested for selling guns without a license. Also, assault rifles such as AK 47, AC-556 and AR 15 should only be available to military or law enforcement officials due to the massive firing capability these weapons produce in a very short time span.

  • Stricter control required.

    As a Spaniard living in my home country, I think that gun laws in the United States of America are not strict enough as almost anyone can buy several weapons and hold them in public. From my point of view, only the Police corps and the Armed Forces should be allowed to bear firearms, apart from those who want to go hunting (multiple background checks ought to be required to obtain the appropriate licence).

  • What if your next?

    Guns are not only deadly they are emotional to be around. Becuase when you see the guns you feel uncomfortable and unsafe around them. When guns are brought they are usually 80% of the time used for illegal activitys like robbing a bank or a persons house or killing somebody. This is why we need a stricter gun law!

  • I believe that gun control should be much stricter.

    I believe that gun control should be much stricter. Guns are very dangerous. We must do everything we can to protect the
    lives of the citizens of our country.
    Gun violence has gotten out of control and we have to be aggressive in
    our efforts to stop it. The only way to
    do that is to be strict with our gun laws.

  • No guns for felons

    Gun control should most definitely be stricter. They should continue to be strict until the country does not have thousands of people dying from guns every year. It should be harder to get a gun and qualifications for getting one should be specified. Age restrictions, personal background, and other requirements should all be taken into consideration. Guns have been overused for the wrong purposes. If people do not agree with more laws, then maybe there should be clauses that limit uses but still give the second amendment partial liability. There should be no second hand gun shops and the guns should ONLY be sold under government watch, that way they can do background checks and make sure no felons can get guns. Felons should not be able to go anywhere near a gun. People who commit crimes ultimately do lose their rights that are given to them before the crime. Felons do not have the right to own guns, and neither do people with negative background checks.

  • Shootings are bad.

    When shootings occur they not only affect the victims; they affect the whole world and leave it devastated. For example, the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut killed 21 people, and the victim's friends and family were split apart by this conflict. However, this incident, as I said, affected the entire world, and spiked the political uproar today that everyone has been talking about.

  • Yes.

    Guns should not be allowed because some people are just abusing the power of guns. Also they are using them to kill random people that have not done anything to them. When people are taking alcohol, weed, etc., they do not know what they are doing and abuse a gun.

  • The stricter the better

    Though the US considers gun's a fundamental right of the person to own, this shouldn't limit the type of restrictions the government should practice to prevent "at risk" individuals from obtaining them. As an example, the government should put some basic restrictions to prevent people with a history of mental illness to own guns. The more of these types of restrictions there are, there will almost surely be a drop in the incidents of gun violence in the US.

  • Yes, stricter gun control is most definitely necessary.

    Talk about complete gun control is a popular topic, and while I do not agree with taking guns away, I do believe in stricter laws must be in place. Something--anything--to prevent the shootings that took place recently. Additionally, though, greater protection is also necessary in and around schools and mental institutions where some of these people are coming from and going to.

  • Yes.

    Gun control should defiantly be more strict, and recent events in Connecticut have proven that. It is possible for anyone to get a gun these days, and that includes assault rifles. No one should have access to weapons that can kill multiple people in a few seconds, unless they are in the military.

  • No that's stupid

    Liberals act like gun laws will stop criminal shootings. Criminals will break the law regardless. That's why we call them criminals! Don't take guns away from the people who use them correctly, because that's the only thing gun laws will achieve. Hitler banned guns before he took control of Germany.

  • That will only make things worse.

    Criminal don't listen to the laws. Gun Laws won't have any impacts in criminals. They'll get the guns in matter what just like they get other things like drugs when though they're illegal. Gun control will only have impact on law abiding citizens. In Chicago and D.C there is more gun control- and more crime than most other american cities. In England, Jamaica, Mexico, Ireland and Australia there is more gun control and more crime.

  • The Second Amendment

    I believe that we seek too much salvation from legislation. Too often now in the world where political correctness trumps freedom, do we focus on controlling the means of situations, instead of focusing on the cause. If you look at any of the mass killers of recent day, you'll always find that they had mental issues. We disregard this entirely, and focus instead on banning the methods in which made them capable of causing such devastation. People believe that we should restrict gun laws or even outright ban them all from law abiding citizens, simply because of the belief that these tragedies could have been avoided had stricter gun laws been put into place. Unfortunately as we all know, criminals do not abide by the law, and therefore creating a situation instead where the only people carrying weapons are the criminals. This makes the law abiding citizens unable to protect themselves. Everywhere these tragedies have happened, you'll find that they always happened in gun-free zones. Where law abiding citizens follow the law and aren't carrying weapons to protect themselves, making them easy targets. People also believe many weapons are best reserved for the police and military. Simply looking at history reveals that in times when citizens are without weapons, and government ends up with them, it proves disastrous. In short, this is America. We are Americans, it is in our DNA, guarded by our Constitution that it is our right to bear arms. We should not give them up, not now, not ever. As said by one of our founding fathers Samuel Adams, "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!"

  • Don't Want One, Don't Buy One

    If you don't want to own a gun, the don't own one. That's your own personal opinion, and you can figure out how else to protect yourself and your family when a robber/rapist/murderer/whatever other type of criminal comes banging on your door. You give your guns up all you want, I'm keeping mine to protect myself and my family.

  • They are fine the way they are now

    I do agree that there should be background checks on people who purchase weapons. However, we do not want to keep piling up restrictions on weapons because sooner or later, we'll ban weapons to the point where nobody can get a hand on one. Then how will we fend for ourselves? We cannot expect to use our fist and scare them out of what we are protecting. Just because shootings have been going off in places that touch our heart, it does not mean that we should take actions on everybody who is getting a weapon. Of course this world has people with destructive minds, but they shouldn't be the ones to ruin who can afford to get a gun. Don't you think that these people's actions shouldn't be blamed on guns? It could be problems these people are facing that lead them to this. Maybe we need more counseling for these kinds of people. This could save so many lives in the future. If these people didn't use guns, and they used something else that could harm people, we'd be worrying about what that person used to harm them and we'd put harsher control on that. Guns can be extremely helpful in situations you need it most, like protection in your house. What will happen when people who don't have a gun to protect themselves and their belongings, don't have a gun because they don't succeed the standards that a new law passes for gun control? I hope you all see my point and realize guns aren't the only thing causing violence in the US.

  • Gun protects people

    If gun control be more strict, how can people defent themselves from a brutal crimminals? Gun control would increase more crimes and innocent victims. Crimminals are law breakers and if gun control becomes stricter, only innocent people gets the disadvantages. Therefore, I think gun control shouldn't be more strict in U.S

  • They need to stay the same

    It doesn't matter wether state has a shooting there are multiple places that have shootings and then again the second amendment says the right to bear arms which is saying we are allowed to have weapons and are legal to carry one so they take it we can come back and rebel against the government

  • Mexico completely banned guns and look how that turned out.

    Stricter gun control only works in the most rare of cases, but usually ends up in extremely high amounts of gun crime and violent crime in general. With Chicago's oppressive gun control laws (which are some of the most strict in the nation) gun crime is supposed to be nearly nonexistent, but it has one of the highest gun crime rates in the country. Violent crime in general increased on a massive scale when the gun control laws were enacted.

  • Repeat felons not being incarcerated !

    Police are arresting these recidivist violent criminals, but prosecutors and judges are letting them go! When they get arrested they should get a minimum 15 years with no possibility of parole. Also the vast majority of straw gun buyers are the sisters, girl friends and wives of these violent criminals. The most effective deterrent would be to make a data base so these women can't buy guns for these violent felons. As law abiding gun owners we are getting slammed by hundreds of laws which have NO effect on criminals, NONE AT ALL! By their very nature criminals don't see laws as an impediment to doing ANYTHING they want to do!!! But the rights of the law abiding, tax paying, good citizen are being INFRINGED and the second amendment says this is illegal!! “ the right of the people to bear arms, shall not be infringed ” !!

  • No stricter gun control is not wanted nor needed!!!!!!

    Stricter gun control is going to do nothing but take away firearms from those who aren't criminals and legally own there firearms. Look at some of the comments from those who want stricter gun control, they don't even not what an assault rifle really is and have said things such as " 30 round magazine clip"

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