Should gun control be Obama's number one priority?

  • Legalizing gun in Usa

    Guns should be made illegal to civilians. They should because it would be a safer world, animals would not be hunted as much and the yearly death rate would decrease. It would be a safer world because terrorists would not be such of a big threat because they would not be able to buy guns as easily. The second point guns should be made illegal is because people are poaching animals with guns.

  • Gun control

    Yes, I think that gun control should be the President's number one priority now and in the days to come. If we had stricter gun control laws, many if not all of these precious women and children would still be alive today. There needs to be something done and done quickly.

  • Gun control non-sense

    Obama should not even be considering gun control or ban of guns.Take a look at the gun free zones how they have become a target for any bad guy that has the urge to murder some innocent people,they target areas they know can't fight back.That should be showing them how important guns are to protect.This is the way rational thinking people feel.Some times I wonder if the Anti's are on the side of the outlaws,the way they keep trying to make us defenseless, and leave the outlaws reign over us all just because they choose not to defend themselves and their own kids even.

  • Obama's priority should be political and constitutional reform...

    There's a bigger than gun control in the US and it's the political system: it's broken and it needs to be fixed. Obama should be focusing his last year in office on constitutional reform: giving the President line-item veto; introducing mandatory retirement ages for judges; putting budgeting and appropriations in the hands of the President, rather than Congress; introducing proportional representation into the Senate; curbing private donations...

    These are the things that Obama should be focusing on.

  • Gun control actually leads to more violent crime

    In areas plagued with harsh gun control criminals live in a virtual candy land. The downturn in the economy has led to massive cutbacks in public services i.e. Police, in some areas it could take as long as an hour or more for an officer to respond to your call. Calling 911 does nothing but record your horror story. Even total gun bans are ineffective just look to Australia, criminals by definition break the law, millions of law abiding American citizens own guns including the overplayed ar-15 which the news will tell you is a killing machine , somehow they don't know how to research or factcheck their own articles something they would have failed college courses over. I'm of the opinion that your personal safety is your own responsibility I choose to exercise my right to the second amendment and I will say to anyone who is afraid of guns to go to a range and get some education it is an empowering pastime activity which is fun and usefull. More responsible gun owners means fewer criminals the facts have always backed that up. Please don't demonized the masses for the acts of a few mentally ill who the failed health care system passed over. No new gun laws could have prevented the tragedies that have occurred but supporting the mental health system could stop future acts from happening, we all want gun safety unfortunately the left is trying to use that as a springboard for gun bans

  • Gun control should not be Obama's number one priority

    While applying new restrictions to the ability to own guns is very important it should take a back burner to the need for reforms to encourage job growth in the US. The president should be looking into new regulations which would favor businesses opening or returning jobs to the US and also consider applying penalties to companies who outsource jobs to other countries. It is time for US citizens to make products for US citizens and far past the time for the government to look past the deep pockets of the special interests who sit at the doors of the congressmen to hand them money to pass legislation which favors big businesses and puts the working man on the breadline.

  • Guns are a minor issue

    Guns are an incredibly minor issue in the long term. There are so few deaths related to guns in comparison to a vast number of other problems (obesity, cancer) and impact the daily lives of so few people (in comparison to the economy of the US, with 315+ million people), that focusing on gun control would be similar to focusing on nothing.

  • No, he needs to fix the economy.

    No, gun control should not be Obama's number one priority, because there are much bigger things for Obama to worry about. If the economy were better, fewer people would need to resort to violence in order to steal or earn an income through drugs. Obama should leave gun control to the states and reduce federal regulations that would improve the economy.

  • Gun Control Should Not Be Obama's Main Priority

    No, gun control should not be President Obama's number one priority. With an economy that is still recovering, focusing on gun control would be a mistake. While gun control is certainly an important topic, focusing on keeping the populace employed is of far greater importance. To ignore this greater need would be a mistake.

  • Gun control should not be Obama's number one priority.

    Gun control should not be Obama's number one priority. There are other issues which should be taken care of but this should be one of the ones that he should consider. The shooting at the movie theater should be a concern for everyone. We should not be afraid to do daily activities.

  • Obama should focus on his health care promise first

    Their are few presidents that lead legacies spanning more than 1 major topic. Obama's choice was to begin to tackle the mess that is health care. It certainly is far from a perfect system, but he got tough reforms of the insurance industry passed, and the long term costs of health care costs remains to be seen. He should focus on fixing the Affordable Care Act, and if there is time left at the end of his term, he can tackle this other issue.

  • No, he has bigger fish to fry.

    Right now Obama has so many issues to deal with that gun control can only be one of them. The economy and the problems Americans are having just getting by today put a tremendous strain on the mental health of our nation and contributes to increasing the crime rate. The primary importance should be placed on jobs, so that people have hope for a better life and are less inclined to do criminal and violent things out of frustration or just plain too much time on their hands. Back in the "old days" my dad had a wife, eight kids and a job. It led to a productive life. We need jobs.

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