• The u.S should implant stricter gun control

    The u.S should implant stricter gun control. They need this because there are a lot of people with guns. The scary thing is that guns should not be allowed in public. It is very scary with little kids. Im a savage. Jake paul sucks just like logan paul im the best

  • Yes, We Need Stricter gun control

    I believe we should have stricter gun control to not hurt anybody and keep this world safe. Stricter gun control may stop many thing and lots of people don't realize that. Stricter gun control may stop shooting from all around the world. That's why I believe we should have stricter gun control

  • We need more law-abiding citizens with guns.

    No school shooter is going to target a place with trained teachers that know how to shoot, and always carry their piece. Military veterans would also make for excellent armed guards on school grounds. Besides, the Second Amendment makes it clear "Shall not be infringed", and that's something that every citizen of these United States should bear in mind.

  • Gun control laws itself will not stop shootout to take place.

    Dear American citizens, think about 2nd Amendment. It is important to keep rights in peoples' hand it should not be stopped or taken away by government. Gun control laws are the one case where government trying to take out gun from American people slowly so people will be hard to notice. What government need to do instead of wasting time and tax on placing other gun laws, they should maintain current gun controls laws and make strict punishment for gun crime criminals.

  • Depends on definition of "stricter"

    If you want to enforce the laws we already have, like background checks with mental records available, and impose harsh prison sentences for gun crime, then yes, we should do that. But not if you mean we should pass a bunch of new nonsense legislation banning this or that gun based on how it looks, or 10 vs 30 day waiting periods that have proven to do nothing, or stuff like that.

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