Should gun control be stricter in the United States?

  • You don't deserve the right to carry human killing weapons, America.

    The constitution gives American citizens the right to bear arms, but this is a 'right' we could do without. While Switzerland and Scandinavia are notable exceptions to the rule (they also have less crime generally), this is America we're talking about. America has 3.43 deaths by firearms per 100,000 population. In comparison, Australia, where guns are banned outright, clocks in at 0.16 deaths per 100,000. This should 'fix' the skew of America as the '3rd largest population in the world'.

    Very few gun deaths are due to terrorists, and more are due to completely normal people. Not terrorists or mental patients. If we ban or decrease the number of guns in circulation, then normal people and possible shooters won't have access to guns either. If there are no guns, people won't need defence.

    It's also worth pointing out that the United States has legalized military-grade guns that are designed to kill people, and everyone has access to those. Canada has only legalized hunting guns which are difficult to use to kill a person, and they have also far less gun deaths.

  • No way, what good would come from that?

    It is bad enough that we have the government trying to take our guns away, what do you think will happen if it becomes all the harder to obtain a rifle? The crooked will always get guns no matter laws come up, let us good people protect ourselves , we can't be defenseless

  • Self Defense for People

    If we take all defense away from law abiding citizens, how will we defend ourselves? Criminals are criminals. Breaking the law is what they do, so if you were to make a law that says "citizens cannot carry firearms", criminals will just ignore that. They will somehow get guns, no matter how hard you try

  • Shall not be infringed.

    Almost all arguments and statistics demanding gun control are skewed in some way or another (i.E., comparing "gun deaths" in the US to other countries), and don't take into account the fact that the USA has the 3rd largest population in the world, so raw crime numbers will naturally be higher.

    In addition, Swiss gun laws allow their citizens to own assault rifles and handguns too, and they have far lower crime and murder rates than most other European nations. Switzerland is therefore proof positive that a high percentage of civilian firearm ownership does NOT correlate to more crime. Period.

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