Should gun control laws in the U.S. be as strict as they are in the U.K.?

  • Amendment or Lives

    OK, get some of you like your hunting and the second amendment but Millions of lives are ruined by this amendment. I hate to think about Sandy Hook or Columbine. In Canada we have reasonable laws but the u.k. is fully covered cause they know that if someone has a gun or firearm Jail is their "reward" and one's life is very important and let me ask you what is more important ? Lives or an amendment ? It's up to you to choose.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Much less massacres in UK and those that present as a danger can be arrested just for possessing the fire arms. Where there is gun control there are less massacres. That is the truth. How many more children have to be shot for doing the right thing and going to school. Funding Mental health care might also help!!!

  • Yes They Should

    I haven't been shot yet, and I've lived in the UK for 20 years, the point of gun laws is that they prevent people from being hurt. BTW if a robber or murderer is aware that there is most likely a gun next to someone's bed, they are probably going to take a gun with them. In Britain, the illegal gun trade is incredibly low because of such harsh punishments for being in possession of arms, so you cannot use the "If we make guns illegal then people will purchase them illegally" card, in America, the abundance of guns mean that an illegal gun is externally the same as a legal gun, if a policeman in America sees a gun in your house, he will probably assume you have a gun license, in Britain, you get arrested.

  • Why should the US be any different than any other civilized nation?

    The only reason the US citizens feel this odd obsessions with guns is because of media hype, consumerist tendencies, unnatural symbols of manhood and most of all bombardment with fear, hate, paranoia, beaten in the trembling masses day in and day out.. It is really sad that a country as bountiful, rich, and gull of opportunity has reduced itself to fear and loathing of each other, the government, poor against rich, black against white, women against men, educated against ignorant, sick against healthy, compassion against hate, and self absorption against empathy for fellow man. A perverse line in the sand mocking morality and giving the' good' their dues?

  • Attitudes towards levels of violence

    Recently there were two high profile crimes. One in the US and one in England. In the US a couple went on a gun spree (Apparently religiously motivated) killing 14 and injuring a further 8 (?) before being gunned down. In England an unbalanced psycho with a knife (shouting "this is for Syria" and disowned by the Islamic Community within Britain) seriously injures one person and injures a further two before being taken alive. In the UK the ownership of both guns and knives are taken very seriously. I see these rants about violent crime statistics of USA vs UK but attitudes against violence in the UK appears to be more stringent. Remember even possession of a knife in public can get a custodial sentence in the UK. Lets see the stats on numbers of people per 100.000 killed by criminals and police. (And sadly UK police are increasingly becoming armed with more proactive assault weaponry, although they are still in support of non-lethal options ('mild' electrocution vs traumatic penetrative injuries)

  • If you want UK gun laws, move to the UK

    This debate was settled in 1791 when the second amendment of the constitution was ratified. If you want UK gun laws, either assemble a constitutional convention to change or abolish the second amendment or please, move to the United Kingdom.

    Our second amendment freedoms are a civil right, granted and guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States. Like all civil rights, there are interpretations and exceptions to extreme circumstances (ie you can't scream fire in a crowded theatre), but fundamentally, the right to keep and bear arms is a basic tenet of our rights. Not only must it be preserved and guaranteed against government overreach, self-defense is a basic human right and that will always be important and defended.

    This question comes up every time there's been a tragedy and the UK and Australia were no different when responding to the massacres in Dunblane and Port Arthur, respectively. While doubtless, these incidents and those in the US are terrible, they do not and will never justify the abrogation of civil liberties in the United States.

  • Only if you want their crime levels.

    The UK has strict gun laws and more than twice our rate of violent crime. In the past 100 years as our rates of violent crime have decreased, theirs have increased despite (or because of) stricter and stricter gun laws. I think I'll take our decreasing levels of crime and increasing levels of freedom, thanks.

  • Our Second Amendment

    We have the right to bear arms. So no I do not think we should have stricter gun laws, like U.K. Because America was meant to be free not like most other countries. Yes I understand some people are immature and should not be allowed to own a gun. I understand that, guns are harmful and not. Taking them away because they do have a dangerous side is like saying, kill humans because we are harmful and not. America was built to be free and it's going to stay that way.

  • The uk has a worse gun crime rate per capita than the us

    See headline.

    The problem is the culture, not the guns. Some countries have guns in every house by law, yet the lowest rates of gun crime (and all crime) in the world.

    What is the point in banning guns when criminals, funnily enough, don't obey the law. I live in the uk and know that I could go out to the centre of London and get a handgun for £50. The gun laws simply stop us from defending ourselves.

  • The U.K has lots of violent crime

    Who cares if America has more gun crime? Overall we have less crime. In England there are 2034 violent crime victims per 100,000 people (home office) and here there are 466 violent crime victims per 100,000 people (fbi). That's the difference between being allowed to self defense and being denied self defense. In a America guns save 400,000 lives a year (CDC) and only take 30,000 lives most of witch couldn't be saved by gun control since 20,000 of them are suicides and 10,000 are gang related homicides.

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