Should gun control prohibit the ownership of automatic weapons?

  • How many more have to die ?

    Assault weapons are for military mass killings. Why should have civilians have them. Even equipped with them you think you have a chance against professionally trained forces? What is the reasoning about people massing military guns and ammo? Now silencers? The nuts are taking over the land of the free!!!!

  • They are dangerous

    I am an avid hunter, and myself own many guns and generally favor less gun control. I do not however feel like citizens should not be able to own automatic weapons, because they have not purpose except for the killing of a lot of humans at a very fast rate.

  • Yes it should.

    I think that gun control should keep people from owning and obtaining automatic weapons. There is no real reason to have an automatic weapon unless you mean it for harm. If you want a weapon for self defense get a handgun, if you need something for hunting get a rifle.

  • We Don't Need Them

    George W. Bush let the ban on automatic weapons lapse during his administration and there is no doubt he was paid for letting this happen since he had the control to continue it. I do not believe we need automatic weapons and I think the ban should have been continued.

  • Automatic weapons are protected under law

    Gun control should not prohibit the ownership of automatic weapons because they are still covered by the government under the right to keep and bear arms. Unless this law is specifically changed, then automatic weapons should not be prohibited. The government should simply come up with more effective ways of making sure they don't land in the wrong hands.

  • That is too restrictive.

    No, gun control should not prohibit the ownership of automatic weapons, because that is too much restriction on a Second Amendment right. Gun control should only be done on a very limited basis. There is no good, compelling reason to ban automatic weapons. People who misuse them should pay the price, but the rest can have them.

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