• Yes, gun laws should be enforced.

    America has always been infatuated with the right to bear arms, which is why it is in the first amendment. America also used to allow slavery. This shows that laws should and can be changed over time as situations change. This is why gun laws should be enforced to the fullest. The argument that gun laws should not be enforced is flawed. To allow a government to choose which person and when a certain law should be applied would allow for a severe corruption of the government.

  • Gun laws should be enforced.

    Most people would probably agree that if one life is saved by a law then it is more than worth the inconvenience.The problem is that when people stary thinking about guns they think their rights are going to be taken away but if they really look at laws they will realize that is not true.

  • Gun Laws Should Be Enforced

    We do not need many new gun laws. You cannot legislate people into not being evil and when guns aren't available to them, they will find a new way to commit evil on their fellow man. I do not see the point in restricting the freedom of the many in some misguided attempt to stop the actions of the few. When a gun crime is committed, it is breaking a gun law and should be enforced. I have no problem with that. There are a few common sense laws on the books and I have no problem with the enforcement of said laws. The problem comes when people think that making new laws make them safe. Right now, currently, murder is against the law. That isn't going to change anytime soon, so any time that someone commits murder with a gun they are already breaking the law. What sense does it make that if you pass gun restriction laws, that they will pay any more attention to that law? Enforce current law. Do not legislate additional laws.

  • They should not be enforced

    These laws that obama is trying to enforce are making it harder for the responsible gun owners to own guns while criminals are getting there guns illegally so either way there is still going to be people out there who don't give a crap and will steal guns if they have to these laws aren't going to change so why enforce them. I'm only 12 years old and I rest my case.

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Craighawley215 says2014-06-18T14:02:33.357
What "Gun Laws" are you referring to? Are you meaning to suggest that the US should implement more gun control policies? Or are you referring to the THOUSANDS of laws already on the books that the ATF DO NOT ENFORCE? Please clarify.