Should gun laws be stricter (Yes) or more lenient (No)?

Asked by: PhantomZyrus
  • Gun laws are already strict, depending on where you live.

    In the United Kingdom, if the police get wind of any firearm being in the possession of someone unknown or potentially dangerous, then their door will be battered down and stormed by a SWAT team within the half hour.
    It's the harsh reality that firearms (Besides licensed hunting rifles) are not allowed to be owned, and that any firearm cannot put the public at risk. Personally as a civilian living in England, this is reassuring and makes me, and other people feel safer.
    Why would I want to live in America, where a lunatic can go and buy an assault rifle? It's madness. I wouldn't feel safe at any time, even in my own home, and that's fundamentally wrong.

    Gun laws are appropriate in the UK, and as a whole the rest of Europe agrees. As for America, they base their laws on a massively out of date piece of paper, written by 'founding fathers', rebellious murderers I call them. Gun crime is common in the US, and always will be until they get their act together and change their ridiculous laws, and that's the simple fact here.
    Gun laws should never become more lenient, and If I have to explain why then I'm pretty speechless. There's a clear line between liberty, and putting civilians in danger and in a state of fear.

  • Gun laws are already strict

    There are already over 12,000 pieces of legislature pertaining to the control of firearms. They still dont work. Drugs are illegal, however you can still buy or sell them. Even if you made firearms completley illegal to own and or sell, people would still be able to own and sell them. No criminal is going to say "hey we cant go shoot up that hood because they just outlawed our handguns". Chicago and Detroit, two areas with extremely tight gun control, also have some of the highest crime rates pertaining to both violence with and without guns, whereas other areas with less gun control have less crime. So if you dont feel safe in your own home because someone has the God given right to keep and bear arms, then excercise your God given right to keep and bear arms. Now there is nothing to fear. The answer to gun violence is not to take away guns from 350,000,000 law abiding citizens just because a few may use them for the wrong purposes. Saying guns are responsible for gun crime is like saying cars are responsible for drunk driving accedents and sppons are responsible for making people fat. It is NO ONES place to tell someone that they dont have the God given right to keep and bear arms for self defense and the resistment of tyranny. Lastly i will leave you with this quote about how to combat gun violence "The rifle, having no will of its own, cannot possess a moral stature on any subject. Naturally it may be used by good men for the purposes of good, or by evil men for the purposes of evil. Now while evil men cannot be persueded by propaganda to lay to rest their ways, they can certainly be corrected by goo men and their rifles." -- Anonymous

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